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Introducing Teams

Since the beginning, we’re building Claap to facilitate alignment & decision-making for all teams, without the meetings or endless messaging threads. And we’ve been building our Workspace to make it easy to see the big picture without ever missing the details: a central place for knowledge, feedback and decisions.

Today, we’re super excited to bring Claap’s Workspace to another dimension with the launch of Teams and other major improvements to our workspace organization.

Thank you for being a part of the Claap community 🙏 We can’t wait to continue this journey together.

The Claap Team.

Introducing Teams

Keep everyone on the same page with Claap’s Teams

Claap's Workspace offers you more control & flexibility

Claap workspace

Each level of Claap gives you more flexibility and control to organize everything from small teams to enterprise companies 👇

1️⃣ Workspace: one central place for your org

A Workspace represents your entire company, organization, small business, household, and more.

Watch the claap demo below 👇

Claap demo workspace

2️⃣ NEW Teams: organize your team’s work

Claap teams

Organize separate departments and teams, each containing topics and set permissions for members.

Read more.

3️⃣ Topics 2.0: centralize your recordings

Customize your topics

Create topics to organize your team’s work: design reviews, product updates, GTM alignment, OKR review. Add covers, description, and labels.

What’s new in topics:

  • Drag & drop: re-organize topics in the order you want
  • Edit topic cover: customize each space with a cover with Unsplash
  • Create public & private topics under the same team. Read more here.
  • Advanced permissions: share topics internally or with external stakeholders. Read more here.

Read more.


We’ve built this workspace to help leading organizations scale alignment through async video collaboration. So thanks a lot for that!

Revolut quote

Head to your workspace


Claap integrations

Github Integration — speed up your review process

Github integration

Tired of copy-pasting 3 screenshots to Github to explain something a bit complex? You can now directly record a Claap from Github.

Google Calendar Integration — replace your next 30-min meeting with a short claap

Google calendar integration

You’re looking at your calendar. And you’re realizing your next meeting could be a claap.

Just hit the new “Record Claap” button and turn your next 30-min meeting into a short video.

Gmail Integration — this could have been an email a claap

Gmail integration

You’ve just started typing a very long email. And you probably know people won’t read it. Quickly bring more context and interactions and share a claap instead.

Google Sheets Integration — quickly align on your next model

Google sheet integration

This is it. You’ve just finished building your next business model. It’s time to align all stakeholders. Quickly record a claap to give more context and let people annotate your video with relevant comments.

Google Doc Integration — structure your thoughts and bring a human touch

Google doc integration

If you’re using Google Doc to structure your thoughts and share it during a meeting, you can now record a claap from there and easily collect feedback. Without the meetings.

Google Slide Integration — bring more context to your next presentation

Google slide integration

You’re preparing your next pitch deck and want to get feedback from your teammates. You can now directly record a claap from there.

Discover all our integrations here.


  • Improve the stop button in the extension
  • Make header sticky in mobile topic pages
  • Change color and hover state of back arrow in the claap header
  • Update button hover state in a claap comment
  • Update button hover state in topic/claap header
  • Update padding and container size for the overlay of the profile settings
  • Refine the order of the users in the mention overlay
  • Remove space keyboard shortcut on the auto pause button
  • Add a claap icon on Claaps to redirect non-logged users to the website
  • Disable member only shortcuts for guests in the claap and topic screens
  • Add members count and workspace icon in the workspace overlay
  • Improve the onboarding topic stepper on Mobile
  • Let users edit unsplash thumbnails on processing Claaps


  • Fix Claaps not loading on iPad and iPhone
  • Fix claap tile titles cooler on mobile when user not logged in
  • Fix regression on comment author tooltips
  • Fix the scroll in My Claaps and Shared with me
  • Fix the resolution of the My claap icon in the recording header
  • Fix autopause on comment react hook
  • Fix topic name alignment in My Claaps section on Safari
  • Fix seek video action while seeking on a Claap on Safari
  • Update the tertiary button in all the product
  • Fix account menu position in lateral bar


Product release 13


Edit and customize your claap thumbnails with high-quality images thanks to the new Unsplash integration. Read more here.

Unsplash integration

Try Now

New recording widget: record from anywhere

recording widget

Sometimes it’s easier to jump on a call.. unless you can quickly start recording a claap from where you work. So we made it more visible with this new widget.

For more customization, you can re-position it, snooze it for 24 hours or turn it off. Read more.

Mobile responsive workspace

Mobile responsive

We’ve revamped the entire mobile experience to make your workspace easier to navigate on mobile: easily navigate between your claaps and topics, new topic view & easy access to your inbox.


Use case gallery

Level up your async skills with our new gallery of use cases. From design review to product roadmap or go-to-market alignment, discover more than 12 step-by-step guides to help you get up to speed on async video collaboration.


  • Improve Google Signup
  • Make the no sound message more visible in the countdown
  • Add a popin to inform user when she gonna record without sound
  • Better handle offline mode with the extension
  • Display a message to the user when encountering video source error
  • Display a specific message on Windows when OS permissions are not granted
  • Inform users about the chrome update and permission
  • Extension: get rid of the delay between saving a claap and having it available locally
  • Make polls & votes more visible
  • Update the check appreciation
  • Limit the max height of the comment editor for comment and reply during creation or edition
  • Fix the first reply when reply is long
  • Fix the edit comment when comment is long
  • Display a toaster to confirm comment deletion
  • Add more types of appreciations
  • Improve UX when answering with a long comment in the comment tile
  • Fix the edit thread action
  • Increase the contrast of the comment text placeholder
  • Add a shortcut '+' for the description in the claap screen
  • Add a poll icon on the comment tiles when there is a poll in the thread
  • Change the clickable zone for input text in comments/thread
  • Trigger a popin to explain to users that they need to press Play to play the video and how to add an in-context feedback
  • Improve the UX when answering with a long reply in a thread
  • Add a button to mention people in the comments
  • Add a cancel button in the edit comment state
  • Let users instantly copy-paste link when copying a link on a text
  • Let users delete an emoji
  • Change the send text button with an arrow icon
  • Add a line when there is content in the lateral bar below the floating line
  • Quick change of the chakra loader color
  • Add back the avatar in the claap description
  • Display error message for invalid password on sign up form
  • Fix log out redirect to sign-in
  • Add a Launching workspace page after initial sign up & handle redirection at the end of the onboarding
  • Let users move to the next stepper using the ESC shortcut (for topic and claap steppers)
  • Add a Copy link icon close to the Share button in the claap screen
  • Improve the Claap stepper > playback rate step to unblock people
  • Update the pink CTA in the lateral bar for guests who already have installed the extension
  • Make the create claap tooltip dynamic when the extension is not installed
  • Add a tooltip when hovering a long claap title in the inbox (as for topics)
  • Change font size in the shortcut help overlay
  • Color changes in the Share Claap/Topic overlay
  • Update the workspace selector and profile in lateral bar
  • Padding correction on the "move to topic" overlay
  • Update not authorized and not found pages


  • Fix email validation on mobile sign in form
  • Extension: get rid of the delay between saving a claap and having it available locally
  • Better position the recording popin on screen
  • Fix claap embed not working caused by LostInTranslation Popin
  • Fix the ESC shortcut on the Claap quick view popin
  • Fix sub-notif tooltip shouldn't be still visible after going to quick view
  • Fix the red dot in favicon no longer appears when new notifications in inbox
  • Add a margin bottom in the comment bar of the claap quickview popin
  • Fix remaining glitchs with user avatars
  • Fix the claap link in embed mode
  • Player sliders controls don't close (regression)
  • Fix the left padding for comment tooltips and the glitch on comment avatar hover
  • Save replies in case of conflicting reply
  • Fix pause on comment just added
  • Remove the auto-scroll when clicking on a reply in a thread
  • Fix broken poll padding in comment editor
  • Improve the hover state on comment tiles
  • Close the thread when user deletes the comment
  • Fix mention button gone in comment tile
  • Fix the zone remaining on screen when seeking in claap with arrows
  • Remove the reply avatars showing on top of comment settings menu
  • Fix margin between send and cancel buttons
  • Autopause on comment sometimes doesn't work
  • Fix the glitch when creating a topic from move to topic overlay
  • Fix guest users shouldn't see the share button in a recording screen
  • Remove the autopause on comments toggle in Full screen
  • Fix the labels in the quick view popin
  • Fix the lateral bar disappearing
  • Fix the scroll in topic view
  • Fix the play button not entirely clickable
  • Fix the glitch with avatars in the top bar when the description is edited
  • Fix the comment zone
  • Fix the position of the topic icon in the claap tiles
  • Fix the selected state for my claaps and shared with me
  • Fix the Email invite and domain Invite when email domain has 2 dots
  • Fix guest access without lateralbar
  • Put the default language to english
  • Fix error page not being centered
  • Clean the comment tooltip design
  • Fix loader shape on Safari
  • Fix emoji placement in the picker on Safari


📩 New Inbox

We’ve redesigned our inbox system to make it more intuitive and faster to manage your notifications. Read more here.

New Inbox.png

As a quick reminder, there are 3 ways to manage your notifications:

  • Claap’s Inbox: easily check claaps with new activities and access them in 1 click
  • Slack: receive & reply to comments from the Claap App in Slack
  • Email: receive notifications in your inbox

You can easily control notification settings depending on your preferences. Read more on how to do it here.

📃 New Description

Sharing context about a claap is very useful to increase engagement and make people want to watch your latest recording. Adding a description was a bit hidden before so we decided to move it on top of the comment sections to make it more visible.

New Description.png

👤 Profile Pictures

You can now automatically import your profile picture from Slack. Users that have viewed your claap are the ones circled with a pink stroke. Read more on how to connect your account to Slack here.

💄 Key Improvements

  • Add a claap onboarding stepper
  • Add a “Send claap” watermark on the endroll screen
  • Add a popin to push users to invite teammates to the Invite team page
  • Update the Invite team page
  • Update the CTA in the lateral bar for guests
  • Add a CTA “Get Claap for Free”
  • Add a button to request membership to the admin in one click for guests
  • Add responsiveness in the onboarding illustrations
  • Update the welcome email
  • Add keyboard controls in the personal info step
  • Remove the delay to switch from not logged to logged mode when reaching a page
  • Make it more visible to users that they can navigate between workspaces
  • Comment lost when loggin in with quick sign in modal
  • Add Claap emojis in comment’s reactions and topic icons
  • Inform users in Slack when they link/unlink a topic
  • Align margins on all the setting screens to align the new margin on the integration

🔨 Key fixes

  • Fix the glitch when creating a topic from move to topic overlay
  • Fix the topic public link for public viewers
  • Fix the redirection upon email invite on a private claap
  • Remote the cold start
  • Remove the glitch when logging out
  • Fix the size of Google buttons on sign up / sign in page on Windows
  • Fix fading on the last topic when nothing to scroll after
  • Changing color for hovering the star in topic option
  • Share claap - Correct horizontal padding
  • Prevent scroll on shared with me and my claap sections when there are a few claap
  • Fix the C shortcut in claap previews
  • Fix the glitch with avatars on comment titles
  • Fix the error toaster when clicking on get early access
  • Fix the positioning of the comment button in the Claap screen
  • Remove the ? from the URL after having saved a recording
  • Fix the scroll on the poll votes overlay
  • Fix the link styling in comments
  • Revert the Log In and Get Started Links
  • Fix hover and active states for player controls



New preview mode in Slack.png

The Claap x Slack integration is now available. We designed it to unlock new workflows that will speed up your decision-making process.

Speed up your decision-making process without interrupting your workflow

Record & receive new claaps, review feedback and reply comments without interrupting your workflow.

6242ea85d5c0b7f4c4d2c198_Animation-1---Slack-GTM_1 (1).gif

Automate async workflows to align everyone

Connect Claap topics with Slack channels to automatically post your claaps in Slack and create recurring alignment processes:

6242eaa17a95027b9b4a2e3f_Composition-1 (1).gif

3 workflows to automate with Slack

  • Bug Reports: instantly notify people in Slack when you report a bug in Claap.
  • Product Updates: push product updates to a larger audience.
  • Design Reviews: create design review workflows facilitating stakeholders’ feedback
6242eac446ed96689259434f_Slack Channel x Bug Reports.png

Check out our FAQ article here.


🏷️ Labels

We’re building Claap to help distributed organizations make better decisions. This means creating a place where key updates and decisions are easily streamlined and accessible. Today, we’re glad to share a new milestone towards this direction: you can now easily organize claaps with labels in your different topics. Since you must be wondering how it can improve your existing workflows, we’ve broken down a few examples of how we use it internally below.

💄 Key Improvements

  • Improve the claap tile
  • Add a Invite people button in the lateral bar
  • Update the Get started page and Quick get started popin
  • Update copy in the login page and quick log in popin
  • Update the Create Workspace page
  • Update the “fill personal info” page and popin
  • Add a tooltip for the record claap button and update shortcut

🔨 Key fixes

  • Fix the “Oops something went wrong” page on public claaps
  • Fix blinking comments in the lateral bar
  • Redirect users to the sign-up page directly when they delete their account
  • Fix the redirection upon email invite on a private topic


💻 New embedded mode in Notion

Directly access your claaps from Notion with our new embedded mode.

How: copy-paste the claap link and add /embed at the end. See here. (We’re still waiting for Notion whitelisting to avoid this trick).

6242e7caa11b19a47e2cf654_Notion x Claap (1).png

Best suited for:

📱 Product Specs & User Stories: share high-level context and answer questions about it at the beginning of your product specs

🎓 Training: embed your claap videos in your training programs

👀 How-to & FAQ: create short tutorials for your users and embed them in your product FAQ

💡 Preview mode in Slack

Give viewers a little preview of your video’s content when sharing on Slack.

6242e7e44bf4878023f67f1e_Slack x Claap (2).png

👁 Full-screen mode

Quickly check out details in your video with full-screen mode. Just click on the “full-screen” icon.

6242e81873d2735265f1761c_fullscreengif (1).gif

💄 Key Improvements

  • Add a @here mention to ping everyone in a claap
  • Improve redirections after extension installation depending on the login status
  • Condition the New claap button in the lateral bar depending on the Chrome extension status

🔨 Key fixes

  • Recording invite link broken
  • Redirect the users to the sign up page upon email invite for new users
  • When clicking extension from a new tab, it opens another tab
  • Truncate name from google login if beyond 25 characters
  • Error when saving claap
  • Let users type “(“ or “)” when they create a topic from the extension
  • Fix the size & zoom glitch on the comments
  • Add people as guests when they react to a claap with in-video reactions


With the shift to hybrid work, collecting feedback & aligning all stakeholders has never been so difficult when experiencing hypergrowth. From now on, you will be able to create a poll in Claap to inform product strategy, get instant feedback, or vote on important decisions.

61dc256aac95ff6e3c4acc31_poll animation (3-8mo).gif

3 benefits of creating polls

⚡️ It’s fast — get more responses. One click = one answer.

🚀 It’s scalable — the output from tens of feedback sessions in just one claap

🔨 It’s actionable — turn feedback into clear outcomes

5 ways to use polls:

👩‍🚀 External User Research: easily gather user insights

🖌 Design Review: review design options and select the best solution

🗣 Product Survey: hear what your users think about your upcoming release

📆 Roadmap Prioritization: vote on roadmap priorities & decide what to build next

💻 Website Questionnaire: get valuable feedback about your website & prepare your next AB tests

👏 Reactions

61dc25ab0c997bcb076c3b44_live reaction animation (510kb) (1).gif

Express yourself at the right moment with in-context reactions! 👏We’ve decided to start with our signature move but let us know if you want to add more of them!

💄 Key Improvements

  • Put notifs off even for old topics in each workspace
  • Automatically turn guests to members after quick signup if they’ve been invited to the workspace
  • Add sub-notification details in the inbox
  • Add the 4 onboarding claaps in the “Shared with me” section after signup
  • Add a red dot in the claap favicon on all pages
  • Add shortcuts to navigate in the different sections
  • Add a simple search field in the member settings
  • Remove the default Getting Started topic
  • Add new in-video reactions in the emails
  • Add a redirection when users duplicate a claap in the shared with me
  • Change mouse cursor on hover on the description field in the topic screen
  • Improve the Share popping shortcuts
  • Inbox - “Move to topic” spacing
  • Inbox - Label spacing with the profile picture

🔨 Key fixes

  • Fix color of the poll questions & options in the claap preview in the inbox
  • Fix routes in the claap preview
  • Fix multi-line comment design on notification list
  • Fix discard comment popping not clickable when sharing a link
  • Fix create topic actions
  • Fix the redirection when deleting a notification in the claap preview
  • Prevent users from entering empty first names & last names during signup
  • Fix in-context feedback while recording
  • Fix positioning of the extension popup in the web app
  • Fix font colors in the comment tiles in the claap preview pop in
  • Fix favicon and appreciations
  • Fix player blocked on comments
  • Fix emoji not working in comments
  • Fix the shortcut +5/-5 seconds which acts a bit randomly
  • Fix blinking comment zone when the video lands on a comment with autopause on
  • Fix glitch on the end-roll screen
  • Let users press the tab to switch from email to password input


🗂 New lateral bar

Nothing can replace the feeling of having access to the right information at the right time. That’s why we reworked our lateral bar.

61a6868aaa4269d1c43c5b80_New Workspace 2 (1).png

📌 New sections

So to make it easier to navigate through your Claaps, we have replaced the "Direct Claaps" section with 2 new sections:

  • My claaps: quick access to all claaps that you've recorded
  • Shared with me: quick access to all claaps that were shared with you

🕹 New Player

💬 New feedback cursor
61a686c27f3123d45bd0ff0f_New comment cursor.png
🏎 Faster Player
61a686daca1e297dc792e988_Speed shortcut.png

There is a new player system:

  • 1.3x default speed (yeah, life's too short). We just saved you 30% of your time 🤘
  • Shortcut speed control (try to press Shift + ⬆️)
  • Improved player navigation with timestamp on mouse hover (video miniatures will come soon!)

💄 Key Improvements

  • Let users change the topic icon from the lateral bar
  • Refresh topic page after topic creation from a move to topic action
  • Decrease the size of the Claap tile in topics to show more of them
  • Add a CMD + L shortcut to copy claap link when hovering a claap tile
  • Add new notification tags in topics, my claaps and shared with me sections
  • Let users delete several inbox notifications in a row
  • Add unread count in Inbox page title and a red dot in the favicon in case of unread notifications
  • Add tooltip on the topic name when it's not fully visible in the inbox‍
  • Add the name of the claap in the delete claap & delete topic pop-ins
  • Align order of items in the claap menus in claap tile and claap screen
  • Harmonize the design of the shortcut mentions in the tooltips‍
  • Remove the Cancel button in the comment tiles and threads (thanks Marco Lacroix for this one!)
  • Adjust the standard dimension of the video player
  • Fix "copied to clipboard" tooltip disappearing too fast
  • Open links in the comments in a new tab (thanks, Jeremy Deramchi, for that one!)
  • Add by default a zone when clicking on the "Comment" button or pressing C
  • Add a tooltip to show the shortcuts on the volume and playback rate sliders
  • Enable CMD/CTRL + Click to open claap on a new tab in the inbox

🔨 Key fixes

  • Shortcut C on the enroll screen should not open a zone
  • Fix pre-roll not appearing when claap is saved and glitching afterward
  • Fix video duration which differs after transcoding
  • An overlay appears on video on claap screen
  • Fix video that doesn't change when moving between notifications in claap pop-in
  • Unseen count does not appear when the "just @mentions" option is selected
  • Fix loss of focus in move-to-topic
  • Press ESC doesn't close the move-to-topic overlay
  • Fix glitch when editing the claap name
  • Fix in-zone comments animation
  • Fix new notification tag UI in the comment tiles
  • Fix thread UI regression
  • Fix delete claap pop-in that doesn't appear correctly
  • Fix Viewability pop-in in Claap tiles can't be scrolled
  • Fix the glitching share pop-in and wrong positioning
  • Fix the clicked background color when you add an email in the share pop-in
  • Link to deleted notification should redirect to related recording
  • Pressing ESC when a comment is selected in Claap screen/pop-in doesn't work
  • Playback Rate shortcuts don't work well when the slider is open
  • Fix design on workspace deletion
  • Fix the add email overlay in the workspace settings
  • Fix "password recovery page" design
  • No appreciation gif in email
  • Replace empty string with an untitled label in email notifications when a claap has no title
  • Fix redirection to the Chrome store
  • Fix the alignment of avatars in the main Claap screen


💌 Faster Inbox notifications

Since the launch of the inbox section, we've worked to make managing notifications faster than even with a series of improvements.

👀 New notification preview

618133c8496622bf92424158_Inbox Preview.png

Quickly navigate through your notifications with the new notification preview mode:

  • Move up to previous notification
  • Move down to previous notification
  • Delete notifications

🎹 Shortcuts to manage your notifications


Managing your notifications now becomes faster than ever with a series of new shortcuts to:

  • Open notification preview (ENTER)
  • Move up to previous notification (UP or K)
  • Move down to previous notification (DOWN or J)
  • Delete hovered or selected notifications (D)
  • Toggle read / unread hovered or selected notifications (R)

🖌 Other inbox improvements

  • Remove delay to display comments when clicking on a notification tile
  • Add notifications filter in the inbox
  • Add the '...' menu in the header
  • Add 3 additional animations in the empty inbox screen

🎥 Frictionless recording

To reduce frictions using the chrome extension, we've just released a series of improvements:

  • Capture internal audio from applications on your browser (Google Hangout, webinars, etc...), even when using earphones. See more in our FAQ here
  • Automatically refresh the page after installation of extension
  • Claap remains in processing state indefinitely
  • Automatically copy to clipboard Claap link on save

💻 Quick access to your workspace

You can now quickly log in to your workspace from our website:


📚 More user-friendly lateral bar

We made it easier to resize the lateral bar and to create new topics in your workspace.


💄 Key Improvements

  • Display a browser warning when leaving the app without everything saved
  • Add a shortcut on comments tile → E to edit the comment
  • Add a “?” shortcut to display the shortcut popin
  • Improve the loading state of the topic screen / direct claaps
  • Update label to delete a claap to make it clearer
  • Remove the animation on all the overlays and popins
  • Pass workspace topics notifications to “Just @mentions” by default
  • Refine the wording for the search topic box

🔨 Key fixes

  • Claap remains in processing state indefinitely
  • Fix the z-index of the duration label in the claap tile
  • Fix unlikely possibility of sending 2 emails when duplicating claaps
  • Fix the resize effect when you add a comment
  • Fix radius at the bottom of the share popin
  • Remove the stroke on clicks
  • Fix the size of the player container
  • Fix pre-roll not appearing when claap is saved and glitching afterwards
  • Fix on the speed rate and volume not being aligned with the sliders
  • When user copies the claap URL after a recording, it gets the ?ccl=1 param


🗂 Easily manage your claaps from the extension

With our new extension, we've made it easy to manage your claaps, topics and workspace:

  • Access your claap workspace in just one click
  • Change workspace to record a new claap
  • Directly add a claap to a topic
  • Create a new topic
  • Add filters (☀️)
61704b45a796882f923ea370_Next extension - Quick re-start (7).png

🎥 New recording mode

With our new recording mode, you can now:

  • Listen to the countdown sound to help you get ready
  • Restart your recording in just one click
  • Use shortcuts
  • And of course, add comments, pause and stop recording when you're done
61702c1ce2cb2ff2947f5d02_Next extension - Quick re-start (6).png

How to manage your notifications 🎓

Are you tired to receive too many notifications? We've recorded this claap to help you better manage your notifications:

  • from your claaps
  • from your topics
  • from your workspace

💄 Key Improvements

  • Pass workspace topics notifications to 'Just @mentions' by default
  • Add sound to the recording countdown
  • Improve the recording big webcam mode
  • Fix comment avatar animation in speed mode > 1x
  • Send an email notification when an anonymous user has seen a claap
  • Make easier to navigate across several claap tabs with precise page title
  • Add page title for Inbox page
  • Fix claap tile width in the topic screen
  • Add video duration in the "new claap" email notification

🔨 Key fixes

  • Fix the click to deselect comment/zone in the Claap screen
  • Fix new comments delayed to be displayed
  • Fix dead click zone on the comment tile
  • Comment avatar outside of the comment timeline
  • Improve Playback selector
  • Wrong background color for Direct claap icon
  • Fix the pixel gap when user renames a topic from the lateral bar
  • Fix the popin “add reaction” to a comment


💌 Inbox Notification Center

With our new Inbox, you can now focus on what matters:

  • All claaps with new activities are centralized in your inbox
  • You can quickly access them from the same place
  • You can easily delete notifications that are not important
61668e46b2f2d2eed1f4383e_Frame 3 (1).png

📱 Watch claaps on mobile

It's now possible to see your claaps directly on your mobile.

61668f8db16eb7d17086047e_Mobile Responsive.png

💡Easily structure your feedback

Text formatting is now quickly accessible through shortcuts:

  • Bold: CMD + B
  • Italic: CMD + I
  • Link: CMD + K
  • Bullet List: CMD + Shift + 8
  • Ordered List: CMD + Shift + 7
  • Quote: CMD + Shift + 9
  • Code: CMD + Shift + C
616698683612ec6c019b29b5_Text formatting shortcuts.png

😉 Show emotions in your comments

It's now easier to add emojis when leaving some feedback: click on the 🙂 icon and use keyboard shortcuts when typing your message

61682e2b3ab0eb3eeb5dffde_Emoji Reactions.png

💄 Key Improvements

  • Add member count in the workspace join page
  • Add shortcut tooltips in the extension
  • Add comment label in the comment button in the claap screen
  • Add member details in the avatar list in topic screens
  • Replace View X members overlay by a standard tooltip
  • Build the component for the Autopause on comment
  • Add sound to the recording countdown
  • Improve the resolve / unresolve comment action
  • Highlight comment tile when hovering matching comment avatar in the timeline (and the other way around)

🔨 Key fixes

  • Fix pixel gap on the player bar
  • Switch the animation on the sign up buttons in the quick sign up popin
  • Maintain scroll bar position when clicking on topic below the screen
  • Clean app background color when hovering or clicking on menus
  • Fix email formatting for comments
  • Fix title too long state
  • Fix the color of the three dots on hover
  • Change shortcut to delete a claap


🔄 Claap is uploading

Your last claap will appear with an "uploading" status in your topic when it hasn't been fully uploaded yet.

615174d302a75a685dc49c03_Property 1=Uploading.png

💬 Comment tooltips on the timeline

You can now quickly see the comment when you hover an avatar on the timeline.

61517f991853f3d1915758bc_Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 10.23.32.png

💡Personalize the default topics depending on your team

When creating a new workspace, you will have access to different topic and claap examples depending on the team you select.

615181fcdb9460657faeea34_Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 10.32.12.png
Topic examples for marketing teams

🔍 Make the focus on comment more visible

Good news, we improved the animation to make the focus on comment more visible!


👍 Check who added a reaction to your comment

You can hover over reactions in a conversation to see who added them.

6151868caaced3cfc861672c_Default + hover emoji tooltip.png

🏎 Increase maximum playback rate from x2 to x3

Want to go faster? Now you can.

615187b586e8c4379a53eda0_Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 10.58.11.png

🎹 Add shortcut mentions in overlays

You can't remember these nice shortcuts? No worries, they will be mentioned in overlays.

61518a948e0674a2b7fbb317_Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 11.10.20.png

💄 Key Improvements

  • Change email subject for new claap notifications
  • Add a button to go back to your main workspace when you're on a claap
  • Keep the "move to" button visible on all claaps
  • Improve volume selector in the claap player
  • Add an animation when a comment is resolved
  • Improve "Move to" workflow
  • Improve the "Discard comment" pop-in

🔨 Key fixes

  • Fix invite member overlay position in the share popin
  • New claap notifications were sometimes sent twice
  • Fix hover state on comments after resolving a comment (thanks Richard!)
  • Fix hover and clicked state on "create topic" button
  • Fix the UX when opening a comment from the avatar in the comment timeline
  • Fix glitch on the endroll screen
  • Thread panel didn't close when someone resolves a comment
  • Problem of display when there were a lot of elements in the share pop-in


👀 Someone has viewed your claap

"I've sent an email but no one replied. I had to schedule a meeting in the end". You can now check who's seen your claap. Send people a quick reminder. And finally avoid that dreadful meeting.


😁 Reactions on comments

Use emojis in Claap to get things done.

60faddb6e05cd35d67d351ed_Default + hover add emoji.png

💬 Pre-roll screen with description

After recording, add a description to your claap so members can understand the topic before watching your video.

60fae26d50e0651b1e5abe21_Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 17.37.58.png

✅ End-roll screen with recognition

You know this feeling when someone smiled at you during a meeting?You can now easily let your teammates add recognition at the end of your claap 😉

610d3bfe66cce16f066909dc_endroll screen.gif

✍️ Text formatting on Topics

We've launched it a few weeks ago for comments. It's not available for topic descriptions as well. Let's polish that beautiful 🖌 Design Review topic.

6114d0e7b7b7739229d9ecf5_image 46.png

💄 Key Improvements

  • Improve see more state in comments
  • Make the video loader more visible in the player
  • Add a new default topic 👥 Syncs 1/1 when creating a new workspace
  • Add visual feedback on shortcuts in the player
  • Improve the animation in the no comment state of the lateral bar

🔨 Key fixes

  • Fix wording in join the claapers link
  • Fix shortcut animations in a row in the player
  • Thumbnailer error: cannot allocate memory
  • Extension grant permission didn't work
  • Glitch on the reactions when you open the popin


🤌 Add in-context feedback while recording

While you’re recording, you can now add in-context comments to help you flag critical moments in the video to your team members.


Just click on "Add comments" and select an area of the screen to start commenting.

💬 Mention someone in a message

Mentions are a direct way to notify people of something that needs their attention. If you mention them, they will receive a notifications.

60fc22dd0b0310065b5a66b9_Mention - @.png

🤓 Shortcuts

If you're a keyboard shortcut person, we're happy to announce that shortcuts are now available in Claap 🥳

Just click on the help icon to quickly access the list.

Some of my favorites:

  • Record new claap: N
  • Share claap: S
  • Add full screen comment: C
  • Increase playback rate: Shift + ⬆️
  • Add in-context comment during recording: CTRL + Shift + C

⏸ Autopause on comments

You now have the option to choose if you want the video to pause on comments.

60fabc8021b2204fb5477a20_Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 14.55.32.png

✍️ Text formatting

Text formatting is now live with the following shortcuts:

  • Bold: command + B
  • Italic: command + I
  • Code block : Shift + Ctrl + \
  • Heading: Shift + Ctrl + 1 (or 2 or 3)
  • Quote block: >
  • Ordered list
  • Bulleted list

💡 Topic Examples

When creating a new workspace, you now have access to a list of topics with some examples already recorded. It shows you how we're using Claap at Claap.

60facc4738abeec707569aee_Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 16.03.30.png

💄 Key Improvements

  • Improve public link configuration: when someone creates a claap in a topic where the public link is off, then the claap's public link is off.
  • Add pending invite state for pending invite users in the share popin.
  • Reverse the shortcuts to post a comment: CMD + ENTER to post, SHIT + ENTER or ENTER to jump a line.
  • Make the '+' button in the top bar more explicit.
  • Add toaster when trying to sign in with email when you signed up with Google before.
  • Add CTA in the No Claap State page.
  • Improve visibility of the Resolve feature
  • "Not optimized for mobile" popin on mobile

🔨 Key fixes

  • Allow copy pasting in the comments in the lateral bar
  • Edit comment didn't work in some cases
  • Misalignement in the description field
  • Problem with notification tag on comments: users should not see notifications once they've replied to a thread.
  • New claap email: emails were sent when you start a recording (clicking on Record claap in the popup) instead of when you save the claap.
  • Guests should not see the '+' to add claaps on the direct claap section
  • Player was broken when rewatching a video
  • Remove the "+" button in the starred section in the lateral bar
  • Auto-pause on comment didn't released the comment thread in some cases
  • Problem with comment counter
  • Fix the crash happening when calling the chrome allow permissions popin twice

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