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New extension with full screen mode

Released on 
September 15, 2022
Chrome extension

Get ready! Over the next month, we’re rolling out our new Claap extension to help you record & store your videos even more smoothly!

New full screen mode, change capture modes & filters while recording, improved UI, video upload… It’s time to share your best ideas.

Quit all the meetings, not your job, with Claap.


The Claap Team

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New full-screen mode 📺

You’re presenting a major update and want to get people’s attention?

Cam only capture mode now allows you to present directly to the camera.

Tips: use filters if you had a bad night, no one will notice 😉

Switch between capture modes while recording 💫

Ok so you’ve just recorded this really cool intro and now you want to jump into details.

You can now switch between Camera only, Screen + Camera and Screen only while recording.

Improved UI ✨

We’ve also kept the features you like but in a new UI to make control buttons more discrete on your recording:

  • Click 💬 to annotate your screen with comments
  • Click ⏹ to re-start, save or delete your claap
  • Click ✨ to add effects while recording

New video upload: collaborate async on all your videos 📩

Not all meetings are meant to be replaced. And at the same time, you want to easily followup on it, or just make it available for people that could not attend.

It’s now possible to upload and organize all your videos — all-hands, training, user research — all in one place, and collaborate on it async.

Record your meetings - no recording limit

It’s now possible to record beyond 30 minutes.

Please reach out if you want to get an early access to it.

Coming soon: desktop app

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