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AI-powered video editing

Released on 
January 18, 2024
New feature

Hello there,

We spent 2023 building Claap into the go-to tool to centralize all your video knowledge — whether it’s clips or meetings — in one place. This year, we’re starting off with one of our most requested features and a real game-changer for you — AI-powered video editing.

You don’t want to upload claaps to other tools just to edit them, but you also want to keep your training videos, product demos, and everything else short and sweet. Take a look at how easy our new editing suite is to use with the help of Ken below

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Still here? Didn’t want the video? Get a quick overview of everything below.

Click-and-Cut Video Editing

Turn hours of meetings into short clips. Cut, crop, and trim to create polished video content for your sales onboarding, product demos, and more.

Edit in the Transcript

See a section you don’t like? Delete the text to cut out that part of your claap. Fine tune your claaps until they’re word-for-word perfect.

Remove Silences

Keep the pace of your claaps high by removing silences with our magic button. Select the minimum length of silence and watch unnecessary parts of your video disappear.

Here’s where to get started with our video editing suite:

  • Sales training: Cut your chunky sales training into hyper efficient bite-sized chunks of wisdom.
  • Product demos: Tripping over your words? Make your claaps are clean and consistent by removing anything you don’t need.
  • Sales outreach: Sending claaps to your leads? No need to record over and over again. Just trim it down so it’s perfect.

Deep dive into the video editing feature in our latest What’s New.

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