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Video Stitching

Released on 
February 15, 2024
New feature

Hello there,

We’re so excited to introduce a dynamic new feature to Claap: Video Stitching. This transforms collaboration by seamlessly merging multiple claaps, offering you endless possibilities for creating impactful content.

Combined with our video editing suite which we announced earlier this year, we’re continuing to create a powerful and holistic tool to record, edit, and share your videos.

How It Works

Whether you're creating training material, team updates, or client presentations, it’s as simple as clicking the “Add clip” button. Then just select the clip you want and trim it.

Build Sales Training

Record decks and demos, edit in examples of great calls, and easily create compelling training material that tracks the engagement of your new team members.

Combine Product Demos

Need to update your sales team on latest product releases? Combine latest updates from the different product squads into one.

Sell with Personalized Demos

Record a short intro, add any existing demo, and hit publish. Now you’ve got a personalized and professional product demo to send to your your prospects to watch any time.

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