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Customize & Style your Workspace

Released on 
May 11, 2023
New feature
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Customize and style your workspace

Sometimes, the best gifts come in the smallest packages. Today, we’re not releasing a new AI-powered feature, but the ability to customize and style your workspace the way you want. Whether your style is more minimalist Marie-Kondo or wacky Willy-Wonka, we want to make you feel at home or in your favorite working place in Claap.

Let’s dive in 👇

Topic Cover

Cover art appears as a banner image at the top of any topic, bringing some elegance, color, and style (even to a bug report repository).

You can now add custom thumbnails to create a personalized Topic Cover. Just click on “Add cover” and “Upload”.

Video Thumbnail

Customize your video thumbnail by adding custom thumbnails. Click on the 🌁 icon and upload your thumbnail from the topic view or directly by clicking on Edit on the claap view. You can also pick an image in our gallery or directly from Unsplash.

Topic Icons

Just a reminder, you can also add icons to topics to customize your workspace.

Workspace icon

Customize your workspace icon with your company logos (or any other image you find relevant) in your workspace settings.

Tips: this is really useful if you need to navigate between multiple workspaces.

Profile Pic

Add your profile picture so that your teammates can easily identify the comments you leave.

Note: if you’re using the Slack integration, profile pics are automatically imported from Slack.

Other features

  • Give more control to workspace admins on new creators


  • We should prevent disposable email addresses from signing up
  • Update default webapp page title and email footer


  • Fix CMD+L shortcut on claap screen shows two toasts
  • Fix white border around Team color picker
  • Fix Cover is not displayed with correct size and border radius
  • Fix emails are still showing old name after user updates their name
  • Fix background color is off on mobile
  • Remove Teams header for guest access
  • Fix the view rate metric
  • Fix commenting in embed does not work
  • Fix emojis on Mobile are not properly aligned

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