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Annotations, mentions, threads

Released on 
July 26, 2021
New feature
Video collaboration
Chrome extension

We're super happy to kickoff the week with some exciting new features and improvements to make your async workflows more seamless!

Add in-context feedback while recording

While you’re recording, you can now add in-context comments to help you flag critical moments in the video to your team members.

Just click on "Add comments" and select an area of the screen to start commenting.

Mention someone in a message

Mentions are a direct way to notify people of something that needs their attention. If you mention them, they will receive a notifications.


If you're a keyboard shortcut person, shortcuts are now available in Claap. Just click on the help icon to quickly access the list.

Some of our favorites:

  • Record new claap: N
  • Share claap: S
  • Add full screen comment: C
  • Increase playback rate: Shift + ⬆️
  • Add in-context comment during recording: CTRL + Shift + C

Autopause on comments

You now have the option to choose if you want the video to pause on comments.

Text formatting

Text formatting is now live with the following shortcuts:

  • Bold: command + B
  • Italic: command + I
  • Code block : Shift + Ctrl + \
  • Heading: Shift + Ctrl + 1 (or 2 or 3)
  • Quote block: >
  • Ordered list
  • Bulleted list

Topic Examples

When creating a new workspace, you now have access to a list of topics with some examples already recorded for inspiration.

Key Improvements

  • Improve public link configuration: when someone creates a claap in a topic where the public link is off, then the claap's public link is off.
  • Add pending invite state for pending invite users in the share popin.
  • Reverse the shortcuts to post a comment: CMD + ENTER to post, SHIT + ENTER or ENTER to jump a line.
  • Make the '+' button in the top bar more explicit.
  • Add toaster when trying to sign in with email when you signed up with Google before.
  • Add CTA in the No Claap State page.
  • Improve visibility of the Resolve feature
  • "Not optimized for mobile" popin on mobile

Key fixes

  • Allow copy pasting in the comments in the lateral bar
  • Edit comment didn't work in some cases
  • Misalignement in the description field
  • Problem with notification tag on comments: users should not see notifications once they've replied to a thread.
  • New claap email: emails were sent when you start a recording (clicking on Record claap in the popup) instead of when you save the claap.
  • Guests should not see the '+' to add claaps on the direct claap section
  • Player was broken when rewatching a video
  • Remove the "+" button in the starred section in the lateral bar
  • Auto-pause on comment didn't released the comment thread in some cases
  • Problem with comment counter‍
  • Fix the crash happening when calling the chrome allow permissions popin twice

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