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New inbox, shortcuts, mobile mode, reactions

Released on 
September 27, 2021
Video collaboration

There’s nothing like the lightning-strike feeling of a brilliant idea. Making it happen – and making it great – almost always means working with others.

We've build Claap as the workspace designed to connect ideas to the feedback that brings out their best.

Where ideas land.

We're super excited to announce some features that make it easier to share and gather feedback, ready to be treated on your own time.

Inbox Notification Center

We all get too many notifications. We tend to work ASAP, not async.

Not anymore! With our new Inbox, you can now focus on what matters:

  • All claaps with new activities are centralized in your inbox
  • You can quickly access them from the same place
  • You can easily delete notifications that are not important

Watch claaps from anywhere

Have you ever wanted to watch a claap on the go?
It's now possible to see your claaps directly on your mobile.

Easily structure your feedback

Text formatting is now quickly accessible through shortcuts:

  • Bold: CMD + B
  • Italic: CMD + I
  • Link: CMD + K
  • Bullet List: CMD + Shift + 8
  • Ordered List: CMD + Shift + 7
  • Quote: CMD + Shift + 9
  • Code: CMD + Shift + C

Show emotions in your comments

"Want to easily add emojis in your comments?"

It's no easier to add emojis when leaving a feedback:

  • Click on the 🙂 icon
  • Use keyboard shortcuts when typing your message


  • Add member count in the workspace join page
  • Add shortcut tooltips in the extension
  • Add comment label in the comment button in the claap screen
  • Add member details in the avatar list in topic screens
  • Replace View X members overlay by a standard tooltip
  • Build the component for the autopause on comment
  • Improve the resolve / unresolve comment action
  • Highlight comment tile when hovering matching comment avatar in the timeline (and the other way around)
  • Change shortcut to delete a claap


  • Fix pixel gap on the player bar
  • Fix title too long state
  • Fix the color of the three dots on hover‍
  • Switch the animation on the sign up buttons in the quick sign up popin
  • Maintain scroll bar position when clicking on topic below the screen
  • Clean app background color when hovering or clicking on menus
  • Fix email formatting for comments

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