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Zoom Integration

Released on 
March 21, 2023

One of the most requested integrations is now live: you can now import your Zoom meetings into Claap! ⚡️

And let’s bring all your videos — from meetings to screen recordings — under one roof!

To get started, install the app.

Connect your Zoom account to import your recordings:

Claap integrates with your Zoom account to access all your recordings, so you can import them in just one click (here’s how to do it:

Transcribe into more than 100 languages:

We’ll transcribe your recordings in minutes. Coming soon: auto-summary and speaker insights. 👀

Collaborate with your teammates and coach:

Let your teammates or coach catch up on key moments and add their feedback through video annotations, threads, and video replies.

Search within your recordings:

Access all your recordings in one central Video HQ. Easily search through transcripts and recordings. Organize your content into teams and topics. Connect it to your favorite apps.

Top use cases

Favorite use cases: All-hands, user interviews, customer calls, training sessions. Discover all playbooks here.


Hope you’ll like it!

Claap Team.

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