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Video Analytics

Released on 
May 3, 2023
New feature
Video collaboration

Advanced Video Analytics - get full clarity of content performance

Aligning is hard. You prepare your update, record, and share it with your teammates, but how do you know if people are even watching it?

Now, your claap videos include analytics so you understand how your audience interacts with your work—whether they’re teammates, customers, or anonymous viewers.

Here’s how it works 👇

Click on  “📶 Views” at the bottom right of your video

See how many people are engaging with a page—with viewers, views, impressions and view rate information shown right in the sidebar:

  • Viewers: easily check who has viewed your video and when. You can also check anonymous viewers.
  • Views: check how many times someone has watched your video
  • Impressions: check how many times someone opened the page.
  • View Rate: check the percentage of the video that was watched.

Other new features

  • Introduce a paywall (Part I) - Recording limits
  • Add ability to control the recording paywall separately from ability to pay
  • Inform user after they have completed payment to upgrade to Team Plan
  • Inform the admin that turning user to power recorder is a billable event
  • Give more control to workspace admins on new creators
  • Handle VAT management
  • Enable the record claap button on mobile
  • Revamp the Claap screen & Move the description below the player


  • Change the mobile layout of the emojis picker on mobile
  • Move the labels close to the claap title instead of the breadcrumb
  • Make video play bar more visible
  • Update Extension description in Chrome Store listing
  • Copy paste faster the claap link after it has been saved
  • Replace add comment by pin it in extension overlay
  • Remove hide/show animation on the pin button in extension
  • Add the Pin button in the cam-only mode and update layout
  • Push Notion integration in the Integration section
  • Improve the request access workflow


  • Fix default background for workspace icon which contains transparency
  • Remove the glitch with the new invited user appearing twice in the list
  • Fix logging out isn't logging out in all tabs
  • Fix desktop app Quit not always quitting
  • Fix Esc keyboard key blocked when desktop app is launched
  • Merge speakers
  • Fix tab behavior in Personal Settings
  • Fix don't show the Create Workspace CTA when already a member of a workspace
  • Fix Topic is not populated when launching the extension popup
  • We should not display the topic name in the inbox when the user doesn't have access to it
  • Fix thumb is not shown in fullscreen and autohide does not work when hovering an avatar
  • Fix "Move to" shortcut should set focus on input field
  • Fix reject empty files when uploading a video
  • Fix claap_viewed reported too often when watching in full screen
  • Fix Desktop Pin icon has a partial dark fill color
  • Fix small image is expanded and pixelated when attached to comment
  • Fix the description to make it always visible
  • Fix Not found toast is unclear for the user
  • Fix Meeting Calculator error "Cookies not defined" (in Sidekick)
  • Update social links in emails
  • Fix inbox quickview popin does not work on Firefox
  • Fix unable to navigate to comment after opening the claap from an email invite
  • Fix clicking on comment without playing the video does not show the content
  • Fix extension overlay switches when recording on Google Meet on Brave
  • Fix URL embed postfix with URL containing
  • Update the meeting calculator to use google identity services over gapi lib
  • Fix Preroll/Endroll screen is partially hiding the player timeline cursor
  • Fix player not shown on Firefox
  • Fix "Can comment" button not shown regression
  • Fix thin line seen below preroll
  • Fix pointer on Move to menu should not be text cursor
  • It should not be possible to drag a file while editing a comment
  • Fix portrait video does not play as a portrait video
  • Sync embed mode fullscreen mode with main player fullscreen mode
  • Fix mic still seen as active after a Desktop App recording
  • Fix tooltips behavior in recording settings window

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