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Record claap videos from your phone

Released on 
June 14, 2023
New feature

Record claap videos from your phone

We know many of you already use Claap on mobile to watch video updates. We also know many of you wanted us to make Claap on mobile easier and more powerful — so that’s what we did.

We revamped the navigation and permission flows and added the ability to record or upload videos directly from mobile.

From now on, you can:

🎥 Record or Upload videos directly from your phone

💬 Comment on mobile including with images and files

📤 Access all your recordings from your workspace

Hope you’ll like it!


  • Revamp topic screen
  • Fix player controls require 2 clicks when comment is focused
  • Add a Learn more link in the Slack integration page and update some UI colors of the setting page
  • Display View only button for view only logged users
  • Add back the mini lateral bar when quick signing in / up on a public claap
  • Make sure controls and player are full width
  • Add Youtube like strokes/shadows in claaps
  • Add "Record & Highlight" in the button to record meeting on google meet
  • Update Main player pre-roll screen
  • Add new move to pop-in icon in recording page header
  • Update the color of the close X button
  • Add all claaps where user contributed in the shared with me
  • Labels - mobile responsiveness improvements
  • Send notification in case of mentions added in comment edits
  • Bring new comment input in the lateral bar
  • Adapt onboarding tutorial to work with new player controls
  • Update the design of the "add a Label" overlay
  • Let users edit name and description when claap is processing
  • Improve the design of the Settings lateral bar
  • Add option buttons in overlay like Slack or Notion in comment and claap tiles


  • Fix avatar for not logged in user in a thread reply
  • Fix unlimited free trial users should not be able to Upgrade manually
  • Fix on Mobile invite popin adds a user twice when selecting from autocompletion
  • Fix the autopause on comment state when there are replies
  • Fix total impressions isn’t same as sum of impressions
  • Fix laggy behaviour when commenting on a Claap when not a workspace member
  • Fix rendering of upgrade emails on Mobile
  • Fix user name and notification are truncated in the Inbox
  • Remove comment items when user is not logged and cannot comment
  • Fix fullscreen player for view-only users
  • Fix Welcome to Claap banner does not stick to the bottom of the screen
  • Fix admin does not get confirmation popin after clicking on Upgrade CTA
  • Fix wrong color for comment author and "new" label in Inbox preview
  • Fix user cannot self-unassign from topic/claap without Full Access
  • Fix incorrect UI in My Account and Workspace settings
  • Fix clicking on mute button also plays/pauses in the video reply mini-player
  • Fix 00:00 is displayed below the play button after recording a claap
  • Fix closing the meeting tab during google meet recording should save the recording and open recording page
  • Fix newly created team and topic do not show up in topic list
  • Fix Video Reply fails when saved after navigating to another webapp page
  • Fix the shortcut to add a reaction
  • Fix Video Reply popin displayed again when replying to a thread
  • Fix the poll results which don't add up to 100%
  • Fix Deleting comment in full screen does not work
  • Fix unexpected padding below fullscreen view
  • Fix “new” pink dot overlaps with comment timestamp
  • Fix Edit and ‘...’ menus below the video are not opening in the same direction
  • Fix empty state of comment panel in embed and Mobile
  • Fix a user who is not logged in can still see the Edit button in claap view
  • Fix renaming speaker from Inbox preview does not work
  • Fix attached image should always fit in the comment panel
  • Fix glitch when switching from My claaps to Shared with me
  • Fix Speaker Insights shown in Mobile size screen
  • Fix Need to click twice on Add File in comment input
  • Fix long time time to clear notification red dots when clicking on X in comments panel
  • Fix uploading in topic without full access should upload in My claaps
  • Fix Failed recording showing "being processed" message
  • Fix mentionables and emojis popovers have the same bg as comments
  • Fix comment can be scrolled sideways
  • Add hover tooltip on the reactions X button
  • Fix Adding the first emoji to a comment scrolls to the end of the thread
  • Fix @mentionables in comments are not working in fullscreen mode
  • Fix Edit menu should be hidden if the user does not have edit permissions

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