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Spring Cleaning

Released on 
February 23, 2022

The beginning of the year was pretty exciting at Claap with many new features that we wanted to release for a long time (Polls, Slack Integration, Labels, etc...).

March was the time to take a step back and improve existing features that went unnoticed, and prepare for the public launch (stay tuned 🙃)

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the users that participated in improving those features with us (see best practice below).

Your help is gold 🙏

The Claap Team

PS: We recently learned of an issue that prevented the Claap Chrome Extension from loading in full-screen mode. This problem was due to a bug in a previous version of Google Chrome, which has been fixed in the latest update. If the problem persists, you should force the update of Chrome in your Chrome settings.

New Inbox

We’ve redesigned our inbox system to make it more intuitive and faster to manage your notifications. Read more here.

As a quick reminder, there are 3 ways to manage your notifications:

  • Claap’s Inbox: easily check claaps with new activities and access them in 1 click
  • Slack: receive & reply to comments from the Claap App in Slack
  • Email: receive notifications in your inbox

You can easily control notification settings depending on your preferences. Read more on how to do it here.

New Description

Sharing context about a claap is very useful to increase engagement and make people want to watch your latest recording.

Adding a description was a bit hidden before so we decided to move it on top of the comment sections to make it more visible.

Profile Pictures

You can now automatically import your profile picture from Slack 👵

Users that have viewed your claap are the ones circled with a pink stroke.

Read more on how to connect your account to Slack here.

Best Practice: how to use Claap to improve existing features with your power users

To improve our existing features, we often ask the feedback from our users with Claap. This has helped us solve frictions before writing the first line of code. We wanted to share this best practice with the example of the new Inbox design here.

Improvements 🖌

  • Add a claap onboarding stepper
  • Add a “Send claap” watermark on the endroll screen
  • Add a popin to push users to invite teammates in the Invite team page
  • Update the Invite team page
  • Update the CTA in the lateral bar for guests
  • Add a CTA “Get Claap for Free”
  • Add a button to request membership to the admin in one click for guests
  • Add responsiveness in the onboarding illustrations
  • Update the welcome email
  • Add keyboard controls in the personal info step
  • Remove the delay to switch from not logged to logged mode when reaching a page
  • Make it more visible to users that they can navigate between workspaces
  • Comment lost when loggin in with quick sign in modal
  • Add Claap emojis in comment’s reactions and topic icons
  • Inform users in Slack when they link/unlink a topic
  • Align margins on all the setting screens to align the new margin on the integration

Fixes ⚙️

  • Fix the glitch when creating a topic from move to topic overlay
  • Fix the topic public link for public viewers
  • Fix the redirection upon email invite on a private claap
  • Remote the cold start
  • Remove the glitch when logging out
  • Fix the size of Google buttons on sign up / sign in page on Windows
  • Fix fading on the last topic when nothing to scroll after
  • Changing color for hovering the star in topic option
  • Share claap - Correct horizontal padding
  • Prevent scroll on shared with me and my claap sections when there are a few claap
  • Fix the C shortcut in claap previews
  • Fix the glitch with avatars on comment titles
  • Fix the error toaster when clicking on get early access
  • Fix the positioning of the comment button in the Claap screen
  • Remove the ? from the URL after having saved a recording
  • Fix the scroll on the poll votes overlay
  • Fix the link styling in comments
  • Revert the Log In and Get Started Links
  • Fix hover and active states for player controls

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