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New commenting system (+ summer challenge)

Released on 
August 2, 2022
Video collaboration

If you're wondering how to spend your days in August, we've got a challenge for you.

But if you feel like async video collaboration could actually be helpful, we're pretty excited to announce a complete redesign of our commenting system (+ powerful new features) for smoother collaboration.


The Claap Team.

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More space & flexibility for your comments

Do you need more space to write and structure your comments? The new comment design now leaves more space for your comments and let you easily resize the lateral bar that way ou want.

Pick up where you left off with Drafts

Ever start typing a message only to find you need to continue watching before finishing your message? Those unsent messages now appear as Drafts so you can easily jump back to them whenever you’re ready to hit send.

Find the right comments with search & sorting options

Finding the right information is key to aligning faster with your teammates. You can now easily find the right comments with new search & sorting options.

Continue playing video while writing a comment

Have you ever felt the need to jump to a comment thread while watching the video at the same time? You can now easily check & reply in the comment thread without stopping the video by hitting “reply”.

Navigate through your claaps & topics way faster

To make it faster to go back to your inbox, start recording a new claap or jump from one topic to another, we’ve redesigned our lateral bar so you can quickly access it from your claap without having to leave the latter.


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