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Claap App in Slack - Speed up your decision-making process

Released on 
February 23, 2022
New feature

Teams that win today are the ones that stay aligned and make better, faster decisions.

But we all know how complex it can be when communication is spread across different tools and platforms.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Claap x Slack integration is now available.

We designed it to unlock new workflows that will speed up your decision-making process.

Hope you’ll like it!


Speed up your decision-making process without interrupting your workflow

Record & receive new claaps, review feedback and reply comments without interrupting your workflow.

Automate async workflows to align everyone

Connect Claap topics with Slack channels to automatically post your claaps in Slack and create recurring alignment processes:

3 alignment workflows to automate

🐞 Bug Reports: instantly notify people in Slack when you report new bugs in Claap.

📣 Product Updates: push product updates to a larger audience.

🖌 Design Reviews: create design review workflows facilitating stakeholders’ feedback

How to connect Claap with Slack

Check out our FAQ article to set up Slack integration.


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