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Full screen & preview — in the flow of (async) work

Released on 
January 6, 2022
New feature
Video collaboration

Implementing new async workflows can become challenging when it requires to switch between multiple documents & platforms to align and make decisions.

That’s why we’re really glad to announce a series of new features that will help you get more engagement, save time and avoid context-switching:

  • Embedded mode in Notion: access Claap videos directly from your Notion page
  • Preview mode: make claaps more visible from your Slack channels
  • Full-screen mode: remove the need to check the original document (or zoom in) with this new full-screen mode

New embedded mode in Notion 💻

Directly access your claaps from Notion with our new embedded mode.

How: copy-paste the claap link and add /embed at the end. See here. (We’re still waiting for Notion whitelisting to avoid this trick).

Best suited for:

📱 Product Specs & User Stories: share high-level context and answer questions about it at the beginning of your product specs

🎓 Training: embed your claap videos in your training programs

👀 How-to & FAQ: create short tutorials for your users and embed them in your product FAQ

Preview mode in Slack: spark viewer’s interest 💡

Give viewers a little preview of your video’s content when sharing on Slack.

How: copy-paste the link, that’s it.

Coming soon: Slack Integration.. this is just the beginning. Stay tuned 😉

Full-screen mode 👁

Quickly check out details in your video with full-screen mode.

If you’re like me and your eyes are not as good as they used to be, you have probably already zoomed in on a claap before leaving any feedback. Good news, you can now use the full-screen mode.

How: just click on the “full-screen” icon

Best suited for:

🖌 Design Review: make the design bigger. Then leave feedback.

📈 Analytics Review: this figure on the dashboard looks a bit small? Make it bigger.

🗓 Planning & Budgeting: same as above, but with spreadsheets.

Improvements ✨

  • Add a @here mention to ping everyone in a claap
  • Improve redirections after extension installation depending on the login status
  • Condition the New claap button in the lateral bar depending on the Chrome extension status

Fixes 🛠

  • Recording invite link broken
  • Redirect the users to the sign up page upon email invite for new users
  • When clicking extension from a new tab, it opens another tab
  • Truncate name from google login if beyond 25 characters
  • Error when saving claap
  • Let users type “(“ or “)” when they create a topic from the extension
  • Fix the size & zoom glitch on the comments
  • Add people as guests when they react to a claap with in-video reactions

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