powering the hybrid world.

We’re Claap. And we’re on a mission to create a new decision-making system to power the hybrid world.

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Work has changed forever. It's time how we work together did, too.

Freeing people from endlessssss meetings

Less meeting
more doing.

This is a call to arms.

For everyone whose calendar is all colored squares.

A rallying cry for people like you, whose 5-min updates have turned into 30-min calls.

This is a movement for those who want to get more done without being chained to someone-else's schedule, Or stuck in never-ending email threads.

This is something new.‍

Something that helps you set your own agenda, from your own space.

Something that helps you get feedback and make decisions, without slowing you down or draining your energy.

This is Claap.

Less meeting. More doing.

our values.

Play bigger

We are here to build a new decision-making system for the distributed world. We don’t want to be just better but different and we’ll never stop until we’ve achieved it. We strive for excellence. We have a growth mindset and are not afraid to challenge ourselves and grow. We play bigger.

Love at first sight

Emotions come first. People remember how you made them feel, not your features. We love building great products and delighting our users. We love turning the complexity of a chaotic world into the simplicity of a beautiful solution.

Make remote work

We believe the future of work is distributed. We want to help people work from their own space, closer to the people and things they care about. We value people’s time and focus through async communication. We believe distributed work is better for both companies and individuals. Every day we fight to make this a reality.

Just do it

We always push through. We believe that grit, determination, skill and courage can break through almost any wall.We are bold and have a strong character to push things forward. We believe that people who have character and a desire to be successful will learn and adapt to the ever-changing conditions. We focus on impact.

Embrace your weirdness

Different is better than better. We like to challenge the status quo. We strive for difference — experience, point of view, background — as the way to power creativity. We fight for diversity. Less diversity means narrower vision. Diversity means innovation and better products. And in the end, we are all a bit weird in our own way. So why should we hide it at work?

Own your way

We are autonomous and proactive. We have an entrepreneur state of mind. We value transparency and promote new ideas and projects from the ground. We aren’t afraid to take up new challenges, go beyond our scope. When we spot a problem, we don’t settle until we found a way to address it.

Care to care

We never sacrifice long-term and sustainable impact over short-term goals. We don’t believe in blitzscaling and burning people out for the sake of short-term growth. Growing a company is hard but we care first about teams and individuals building this. We are developing a sustainable business with a global impact. We are here for a long time and we are conscious about our societal and environmental impact.

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