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Claap 2.0

Released on 
April 12, 2023
New feature

📣 Claap 2.0 is HERE! 📣

Less than a year ago, we achieved a huge goal — launching Claap. Thanks to people testing our beta, talking about us, and sharing our story, we were able to give our tool to the world and help everyone spend less time meeting, and more time doing.

Our mission hasn’t changed. In fact, we want to go one step further. That’s why we’ve made Claap 2.0 😎

For the 1st time, we bundle in a single video workspace:

🎥 Screen Recording — Replace your next meeting with a short video and get feedback faster

Meeting Recording — Record the meetings you keep with AI notes and transcripts

📺 Video Wiki — Turn video content into scalable knowledge with a video workspace designed for your org

We'd be happy to get your feedback on Claap 2.0!

Robin, Co-founder & CEO

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