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New Pricing Plan

Released on 
April 5, 2023

New pricing plan

A new quarter brings new goals and I would like to share what we have planned for you in Q2 and beyond.

  • Universal Video Recorder to bring all your videos into the same place, from meeting recordings (Zoom integrations, Google Meet app,…) to async videos (desktop app, chrome extension, mobile import).
  • AI-Powered Video Intelligence to make videos as easy to scan as possible including multi-language transcripts, speaker insights, smart chapters, AI notes and more.
  • Deep video collaboration to make collaboration as smooth as it is in-person with new features such as video replies, files and attachments, new fullscreen mode and more.
  • Video HQ to organize your video content and turn it into scalable knowledge with global search, workspace customization, privacy control and integrations to your favorite apps (Notion, Slack, Linear, ClickUp and more)

As we’re launching Claap 2.0 on April 12th, we will be adjusting our pricing and packages on that day. This change will help us bring even more solutions to help you and your team collaborate more efficiently.

What it means for Paid Users

As a current Claap customer, we want to keep you informed about the main change that affects you. The main change is that we’ve created 2 different roles in your workspace to better manage user permissions and billing:

  • Paid Creators with unlimited recording rights and up to 30 min per video (please contact us if you wish to upgrade your account with more rights)
  • Free Contributors with access to workspace limited (can view and comment only) and limited recording rights (5 min per video, up to 5 videos)

Once this goes live on April 12th, you will need to assign creator seats to the right users. But don’t worry, we’ll contact you to help you and make this transition smooth.

What it means for Free Users

As a free user, the main changes introduced are:

  • New limit for claaps recorded: 10 videos per creator
  • New recording duration limit: 10 min per video
  • Some features like Google Meet, Zoom and uploads moved to the Team plan
  • Privacy Settings are now in the Paid Plans. But don’t worry, we won’t change the privacy settings of your existing recordings.
  • We’ve created two new roles to help you upgrade smoothly to the Team Plan: Paid Creators with unlimited recording rights and workspace edition: 10€/month Free Contributors with access to workspace (can view & comment rights) and limited recording rights (up to 5 videos, 5 min/video)

You can see here the new plans and check our pricing page for a deep dive on all the changes:

Thanks for making this past year so incredibly special. We're excited to support your growth even more in 2023.

I know your needs are unique, so let us know how we can improve Claap for you. We're always here to help, so feel free to send us an email to

Cheers to a fantastic Q2,

CEO and Co-founder, Claap

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