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Speaker Insights — turn customer calls into insights

Released on 
May 22, 2023
New feature

Speaker Insights — turn customer calls into insights

Recording calls is great, but at the same time, no one wants to watch 30-min long monologues.

With Speaker Insights, you can listen to more calls in less time with speaker identification, timeline, and conversation insights.

Let’s dive in 👇

Listen to more calls in less time with speakers automatically identified.

Claap automatically identifies the individual speakers and gives you the breakdown of the conversation so you can jump straight into the relevant section. Just click on the “Speakers” button get started.

Rename speakers

Easily rename speakers to easy identify who is speaking and when.

Analyse talk-to-listen ratio & jump to the right moments

We provide insights into each speakers' talk-time and their talk-to-listen ratio.

Never miss a moment with word-level time-stamps & search

Listen to the entire conversation in less time by clicking on keywords of your interest. Directly jump to the right moment in the call.

Favorite use cases from the community

User interviews: record user research and quickly access top user insights. Read here.

Customer Calls: get insight on talk-to-listen ratio’s of your sales reps. Read here.

Training Sessions: easily identify questions and answers. Read here.

Other features

  • Add a free trial
  • Replace the viewability metric and popin displayed in the claap tiles
  • Give more control to workspace admins on new creators

Other Improvements

  • Change topic thumbnail to use new images
  • Improve tooltips
  • Support multiple video reactions in email
  • Revamp background and claap colors to align with the new branding
  • Update default webapp page title and email footer
  • Remove Teams header for guest access

Other Fixes

  • Fix missing hover state on the Comments button in the claap tile
  • Embed header blocks clicks
  • Fix "X new" button in comment bar
  • Fix resize panel closes the thread
  • Fix padding of comment button in embed player in case of long claap title
  • Reaction and comment tooltips not aligned
  • Fix @mention not working when immediately after a special character
  • Fix “Untitled” title missing in embed mode
  • Fix controls not being visible on mobile
  • Fix incorrect filename alignment and unreadable poll options in new comment email
  • Fix the '...' overlay on comment tiles
  • Fix unable to select text from comment in embed mode
  • Fix O views case not handled properly in Insights popin
  • Fix glitch on extension popup which briefly shows "120min" as max duration
  • Fix the extension timer changing from backward to onward when user switches tab
  • Extension: requesting recording duration upgrade is broken
  • Fix profile pic or workspace icon is flickering in Settings page
  • Fix CMD+L shortcut on claap screen shows two toasts
  • Fix white border around Team color picker
  • Fix Cover is not displayed with correct size and border radius
  • Fix emails are still showing old name after user updates their name
  • Fix background color is off on mobile
  • Fix the view rate metric
  • Fix commenting in embed does not work
  • Fix emojis on Mobile are not properly aligned

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