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Faster inbox & frictionless onboarding

Released on 
November 2, 2021
Video collaboration

Last couple of weeks were very exciting and pretty intense at Claap with many new features released (new extension, new inbox, improved collaboration, and more...).

Delivering so many new things at once can sometimes lead to small glitches and regression in the product so we also wanted to apologize if you've experienced some issues recently.

As we're having more and more users on the platform, we're now fully dedicated to improving speed and stability. So please let us know if you see anything on your side 🙏 Thank you Solene, Alex, Agathe, Elodie, Jeremy and all those that have been sharing feedback with us.

And also here's the list of latest feature releases, improvements and fixes we've done recently.

We love you.

Faster Inbox notifications

Since the launch of the inbox, we've worked to make it faster to manage your notifications with a series of improvements.‍

New notification preview

Quickly navigate through your notifications with the new notification preview mode:

  • Move up to previous notification
  • Move down to previous notification
  • Delete notifications

Shortcuts to manage your notifications

Managing your notifications now becomes faster:

  • Open notification preview (ENTER)
  • Move up to previous notification (UP or K)
  • Move down to previous notification (DOWN or J)
  • Delete hovered or selected notifications (D)
  • Toggle read / unread hovered or selected notifications (R)

Other inbox improvements

  • Remove delay to display comments when clicking on a notification tile
  • Add notifications filter in the inbox
  • Add the '...' menu in the header
  • Add 3 additional animations in the empty inbox screen

Frictionless recording

To reduce frictions using the chrome extension, we've just released a series of improvements:

  • Capture internal audio from applications on your browser (Google Hangout, webinars, etc...), even when using earphones. See more in our FAQ here
  • Automatically refresh the page after installation of extension
  • Automatically copy claap link to clipboard on save
  • Claap remains in processing state indefinitely when muting/unmuting sound. Note: we've identified other issues – like re-starting recording more than 5 times in a row – that cause recordings to remain in "processing state". Fixing this is a top priority at the moment.

Frictionless onboarding & collaboration

Quick access to your workspace

You can now directly log in to your workspace from our website:

More user-friendly lateral bar

We made it easier to resize the lateral bar and to create new topics in your workspace.


We keep refining the product to make the experience faster and delightful:

  • Display a browser warning when leaving the app without everything saved
  • Add a shortcut on comments tile → E to edit the comment
  • Add a “?” shortcut to display the shortcut popin
  • Improve the loading state of the topic screen / direct claaps
  • Update label to delete a claap to make it clearer
  • Remove the animation on all the overlays and popins
  • Pass workspace topics notifications to “Just @mentions” by default
  • Refine the wording for the search topic box


  • Claap remains in processing state indefinitely
  • Fix the z-index of the duration label in the claap tile
  • Fix unlikely possibility of sending 2 emails when duplicating claaps
  • Fix the resize effect when you add a comment
  • Fix radius at the bottom of the share popin
  • Remove the stroke on clicks
  • Fix the size of the player container
  • Fix pre-roll not appearing when claap is saved and glitching afterwards
  • Fix on the speed rate and volume not being aligned with the sliders
  • When user copies the claap URL after a recording, it gets the ?ccl=1 param

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