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Released on 
February 2, 2022
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We’re building Claap to help distributed organizations make faster, better decisions. This means creating a place where key updates and decisions are easily streamlined and accessible.

Today, we’re glad to share a new milestone towards this direction: you can now easily organize claaps with labels in your different topics.

Since you must be wondering how it can improve your existing workflows, I’ve broken down a few examples of how we use it internally below.

(And since you’re also here, I’m also taking the opportunity to remind you that we need your feedback on Claap here 👉

Have a great day!


5 ways to organize your topics with labels

🖌 Design Reviews

Easily inform on your latest design review’s status (In review / Prioritization / Completed)

📣 Product Updates

Provide better visibility on the different product squads' updates through release notes and product demos. Give everyone access to key information at their own time.

🐞 Bug reports

Streamline your bug report process (New / Duplicate / Ticket created / Resolved / Rejected). Link your claaps to your ticketing system (Jira, Linear, etc...)

🔧 Product & Engineering Wiki

Easily capture & organize tribal knowledge. Create a single source of truth to maintain consistency, build good programming habits, and keep everyone aligned.

📈 Analytics & Monitoring

Provide greater visibility on your latest metrics, whether it’s recurring updates or ad-hoc analysis.

Coming soon: filters and search to quickly access your claaps 🌘

Improvements 🖌

  • Improve the claap tile
  • Add a Invite people button in the lateral bar
  • Update the Get started page and Quick get started popin
  • Update copy in the login page and quick log in popin
  • Update the Create Workspace page
  • Update the “fill personal info” page and popin
  • Add a tooltip for the record claap button and update shortcut

Fixes 👩‍🔧

  • Fix the “Oops something went wrong” page on public claaps
  • Fix blinking comments in the lateral bar
  • Redirect users to the sign-up page directly when they delete their account
  • Fix the redirection upon email invite on a private topic

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