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Microsoft Teams + Outlook Calendar

Released on 
May 28, 2024

More of a Microsoft person? Well, we’ve got some good news! You can now record all your Microsoft Teams meeting with Claap 👏

This is a a feature we’ve been meaning to launch for a while and it feels great to announce this along with our Outlook calendar integration so Claap can help get rid of post-meeting busywork no matter where you have your meetings.

If you’ve already used Claap to record your Google Meets or Zooms then you’ll already know how to start recording your Teams meetings too. But if you haven’t or just need a refresher, here’s two ways to do it.

Option 1: Connect your Calendar to Automatically Record Meetings

If you use the Teams desktop app, this is for you.

Click on the “My meetings” tab in your workspace to connect your Outlook or Google calendar. You’ll then be able to configure your meetings so they’re recorded automatically or not. No more forgetting to record and missing out on important details.

The Claap recording bot will automatically join your meetings so you have access to the most precise transcripts and conversation insights.

Option 2: Record Manually with the Chrome Extension

If you use the Team web app and prefer not having bots in your calls, this one’s for you.

Download our Chrome extension, then anytime you’re in a Teams meeting you can start recording in two clicks. End the recording by pressing the stop button or just just leave the meeting, your claap will be ready in a few moments.

If you have any other questions about using Claap with Outlook Calendar check out the full Help Center article here.

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