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How ScorePlay cuts their Sales team’s Admin in half and improved Sales-Product alignment with Claap

Barbara Bergeaud
COO @Scoreplay


ScorePlay is the all-in-one media hub built by, and for, sports. Where Dropbox and Google Drive meet the 21st century, with a splash of AI. They’re building the ultimate asset manager to help broadcasters turn their live content into a library of on demand clips.

Founded in 2021, Scoreplay is backed by Alexis Ohanian Sr. and Cristina Apple Georgoulakis's Seven Seven Six as well as Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman’s 35V, Raphaël Varane, Mario Götze, Alejandro Bedoya, Dominic Thiem and Nayef Aguerd.

Like a sports team meticulously analyzing game footage to optimize their plays, ScorePlay approached their sales strategy with precision, recognizing early on that the tools they utilized would define the efficiency of their workflows and the satisfaction of their customers. The playing field was set; they knew that to compete at the top, they needed not just a solid team but an exceptional and easy to run toolstack.

ScorePlay is the all-in-one media hub built by, and for, sports. Where Dropbox and Google Drive meet the 21st century, with a splash of AI. They’re building the ultimate asset manager to help broadcasters turn their live content into a library of on demand clips.

For a growing remote business, the setup of holistic tools isn't just a matter of convenience; it's a foundational strategy for growth. “We are 18 people and we have two offices in New York and in Lisbon. I would say half of the company is in an office, the other half is all over the world. So from day one, it was remote workflows all over,” says Barbara Bergeaud, ScorePlay’s COO.

ScorePlay understood this from the kickoff. They weren’t looking for a patchwork of solutions but an integrated system that grew with them, aligning with their game plan of establishing smooth and scalable operations.

The Problem: Incomplete Recording Tools and Key Information Lost in Meetings

ScorePlay's ambitions were clear: forge a synergy between product development and sales that could pivot as swiftly as the sports teams they serviced.

However, the tools at their disposal were not making the cut. They were hindered by the limitations of generic recording tools, such as Loom, which led to information getting lost in translation between meetings.

"We started with Loom as many people do. And at one point we saw that it was not really made for that at all, because it's more of a recording tool, not really, I mean a screen recording tool and not for calls or recording.” - Barbara Bergeaud

ScorePlay's ethos was about empowering their people, optimizing their experience to better serve the end user.

“For us, it’s, “okay, we have great people, how can we make their lives easier and make their work life easier with tools and information and innovation in the workplace?” - Barbara Bergeaud

Their previous tool, Loom, was seen as a stepping stone, one that ultimately did not meet the company's evolving needs. Barbara and co were ambitious and knew that in order to grow the company the way they wanted to, they’d need something to cure their pain points and align with their values as a remote team.

“I think for maybe a year and a half, maybe two years, it was very much, “okay, we need to put something more scalable in place.” Now it's more like, “okay, we know we want to achieve this.” So it's clear. We know that we need more collaboration between sales and product.” - Barbara Bergeaud

The Solution: Connect Product and Sales Teams with Users via Claap

The switch to Claap marked a turning point for ScorePlay. Claap's screen recording capabilities feature allowed for the continuous movement of information, and its ability to record calls, generate AI summaries, and integrate with Notion provided an instant, accessible knowledge base.

But most importantly. Claap was reliable…

“When we were looking at different tools, that was the main thing, you know. They were all coming at us, “yeah, we have analytics, we can check what the other talker is saying and analyze the percentage of the video he's talking”, and all this thing. That's great, but do you record my calls? And give me a transcript that I can then use?” - Barbara Bergeaud

Claap became a vital tool in their playbook, allowing the sales team to craft responses to recurring questions and issues, fostering a learning environment for both the team and their clients.

“It's really for us a way to work as a company, to teach when you have new clients, what they want, what they're looking for, what their pain points are. To teach how to answer questions that are recurring, like comparing ourselves to a competitor, replacing a specific tool, answering about content archives, which is always a big topic when you talk to sports organizations.” - Barbara Bergeaud

The integration with Notion also streamlined their CRM processes significantly, and coincidentally matched the strong “source of truth” versatility that made Notion their go-to tool when it comes to documenting knowledge.

“For sales calls that we record, we try to put them all on Notion because Notion is also our CRM that we kind of built in-house in a way.” - Barbara Bergeaud

Suddenly, ScorePlay’s sales team have a few tricks up their sleeves, instant interactive responses to customer questions that they can access easily.

Diverse Use Cases: Mentoring Sales, Reporting Product Updates, and Automatic Note Taking

ScorePlay's usage of Claap transcended basic call recording. It became an integral component for mentoring new sales team members, documenting product updates, and taking comprehensive notes automatically.

“So we had a few prerequisites, like transcripts, obviously, like a proper video workspace that we can find easily, integrations with Google Meet, all that. And Claap was the best we found, and the one that made the most sense as to how we wanted to conduct our call recording and our product meetings.” - Barbara Bergeaud

The transcription feature of Claap, in particular, was highlighted as a transformative addition to their meetings.

“And the transcript was amazing. Something that was really the key point because you want to have the summary of the clip of the call. So like the pain point of the customer, the next step, and have this like super concise bullet points that you can put in the CRM and then you have something to keep track of when you have a sales meeting with your head of sales and so on. So this was for us a complete game changer.”

Now, admin tasks that used to be the bane of the salespeople’s to-do list, was being taken care of by their new tool. This reduced margin for error and meant each salesperson could be more present in their meetings and focus on talking rather than note-taking.

“Because before it was really like the sales responsibility to explain, “okay, this guy wanted this, this, this, and this. I told him he would reach out to him.” And you miss information. Obviously, because it's impossible to remember everything that happens in the call. And I think that was the main feedback we had from ourselves after you guys released the AI summary. It was just amazing. I would have forgotten half of what the transcript is telling me. So it's perfect.” - Barbara Bergeaud

The Result: 50% Reduction in Post-Meeting Admin

Claap didn't just record meetings; it sculpted the entirety of post-meeting administration into a more streamlined, less time-consuming process. Its ability to provide transcripts and AI summaries, coupled with a wiki-style database in Notion, was like hiring an assistant for each member of the team, without the extra overhead.

“The thing that sold me the most was also the similarities with Notion in some ways. Notion is probably the tool we use 90% of the time. We use it for everything across the company, similar to Claap. And we needed kind of a model that could replicate the workspaces on Notion. These kind of personal spaces that everybody can have, these product spaces, sales spaces, and have kind of like this Notion style view. The integration took it one step further.” - Barbara Bergeaud

Barbara also noted the tangible impact on workload and efficiency by accessing the automated transcript to make sure anything anyone says can be tracked, searched, and even commented on to make collaboration easy.

“Because now they have the transcript, they know exactly what they need to do, instead of thinking and re-watching the call and all that. If I had to give you an amount, I can't give you precisely, but I think the workload after a call where you need to prepare things and think through what you have to do was divided in two” - Barbara Bergeaud

The consolidation of information facilitated a more streamlined approach to handling client interactions and internal discussions too.

“I can just find it in the meeting notes. When we talked about something with another client, I will watch the clip if I need. Everything is easier and you waste less time, honestly, which is one of the most important thing I think anybody wants.” - Barbara Bergeaud

The Difference: Stressless Acquisition and Transparent Customer Calls

The implementation of Claap markedly uplifted the process of customer acquisition, taking much of the heavy lifting out of the equation. Having a repository of recorded calls for reference turned every team member into a seasoned player, able to handle sales pitches and product inquiries with a deft hand.

“We won't need to hire an intern to take those joint calls. We want something that actually makes sense.” - Barbara Bergeaud

Barbara observed a significant shift in their operations, particularly for the sales team.

“I think it was really a game changer. I mean, I would say mainly for sales, honestly. For the product, it was less of a pain point of the transcript because no matter what you have to watch the recording of a bug or the recording of a prototype. So it's never a 45 minutes video, it's always a two minutes video, so it's fine. But for the sales, it was truly something that made a whole difference for them” - Barbara Bergeaud

The ScorePlay Recipe for Sales Success

ScorePlay’s adoption of Claap integrated their sales approach, revolutionizing their operations by:

  1. Recording all sales calls for comprehensive review and training.
  2. Utilizing AI summaries to keep track of key points and action items.
  3. Integrating with Notion for seamless CRM management.
  4. Facilitating cross-departmental collaboration through accessible, concise meeting notes.

This new workflow, transparently showcased here, is one that other companies can emulate to achieve similar results. It’s not just about adopting a tool; it's about rethinking the way teams interact and how information is preserved and accessed, ultimately reducing workload and streamlining communications in a fast-paced environment.

ScorePlay’s journey with Claap isn’t just a story of reducing administrative burden; it’s a testament to the power of aligning tools with company ethos, fostering an environment of continuous improvement, and leveraging technology to turn every team interaction into an opportunity for growth.

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