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Turn transcripts into insights and next steps

Released on 
July 11, 2023
New feature
Video collaboration

Turn transcripts into insights and next steps

Turning any video into a piece of content you could collaborate on has always been something we focus on: annotations, rich threads, video replies and more.

A few months ago, we started adding new AI-powered features such as multi-language transcripts to pull even more information from your video content. But we were still missing one thing: turning this content into actionable insights.

Today, we’re happy to announce that collaboration on transcripts is now available together with a list of key improvements related to transcripts.

Add highlights and comments to your transcript

Go from raw video data to actionable findings. Claap automatically transcribes your videos into 100 languages and help you annotate the transcript to discover meaningful insights.

Share insights with your team & create actions

Use Claap’s commenting system directly in your transcript to tag your teammates, provide coaching, and share important insights with them.

Access transcripts right where you work

If you’re watching videos directly from other platforms like Notion, Slack or Trello, you can directly access transcripts from there. And in just one click, you can copy-paste it to use it in your docs.

Make the most of your user research

We’re not going to lie. We use Claap a lot to record user research sessions and extract key insights to share with the team.

So if you’re interested in discovering how we do user research with Claap, here’s a short article to explain to you how we do it.


  • Update design of the toasters
  • Add a toggle button to hide / show the comment bar
  • Confusing notification when a user moves a claap that is not theirs
  • Decrease padding in lateral bar and claap screen
  • Fix N shortcut from Inbox won't display the extension install popin
  • Replace What is Claap onboarding video
  • Allow desktop app to be started automatically at computer startup
  • Remember the action of the user when she performs an action before sign in / sign up
  • Add a Recording button on the Google Meet patio page
  • A user should be able to easily delete their draft comment
  • Move the Notification icon in the "..." in claap and topic screen
  • Update the preroll & endroll in the claap screen
  • Remove Free Trial Expired block after 4 weeks
  • Edit the background color of the player timeline with the correct one
  • Mobile responsiveness in Members settings
  • Animate the play button on hover
  • Add a "X more replies" label in long threads
  • Add new topic layout to Shared with me and My claaps screens


  • Fix words are cut in the middle in a comment
  • Fix starting a comment will seek another timestamp
  • Fix reaction is added earlier in the timeline
  • Fix Resume button appears behind Speaker Insights
  • Fix adding reaction shows the Oops page
  • Fix drag and drop of a claap shows "Something went wrong"
  • Fix unable to unfocus a reply after going to comment directly from url
  • Fix adding a comment from transcript tab does not take me to the comment tab
  • Fix animations on the player not correctly firing
  • Fix "please design" should be "please designate"
  • Fix the user is not informed when they enter a name thats exceeds the max length
  • Fix "Your session has expired" toast is shown when logging out
  • Fix video reply players settings/time are out of sync
  • Fix background color of the cam icon on extension when recording is paused
  • Fix cam icon in overlay does not have right color when not hovered
  • Fix failed uploads when recording from Desktop App (EntityTooSmall error)
  • Fix Frontend should enforce "at least one user with FullAccess permission" rule
  • Fix main player is stuck after login modal appears
  • Fix typing 'f' in title field of extension popup will trigger full screen
  • Fix moving the cam twice closes the extension settings
  • Fix audio is no longer recorded when I change input source during recording
  • Fix countdown is seen in recording with extension
  • Fix avatars in the Speakers dropdown are showing 2 initials
  • Fix inconsistent sizes between default user Avatar and custom avatars in Share popup
  • Fix transcript layout is messed up with different speakers
  • Fix images avatars being displayed for users without image avatar in topic shared popin
  • Fix move to topic keyboard shortcut
  • Fix blue clickable line in the claap screen on Mobile
  • Align comments and transcripts headers in the lateral bar
  • Fix the color of the check in the resolved comment icon
  • Fix the color of the tooltip when there is a long comment
  • Add an appreciation generates a blink with not found page.
  • Fix when deleting all notifications the empty state wording gets replaced
  • Autoscroll the comment bar when answering a thread at the bottom of the comment bar
  • Fix incorrect padding in the claap tile overlay
  • Fix alignment of recording duration menu in members settings
  • Fix "Move to" not showing the proper warning when user is a contributor
  • Fix empty space around video should be blurred
  • Fix glitch on the avatars in threads
  • Fix Initial in user avatar in lateral bar is too small
  • Fix Upgrade CTA does not appear in "limit reached" email in Outlook mail client

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