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Who has viewed your recording

Released on 
August 10, 2021
New feature
Video collaboration

Before heading out for the hols, why don't you record a short claap to keep your team up to date then let them comment while you're away?
And we have some exciting new stuff to announce :)


Someone has viewed your claap

"I sent an email but no one replied. I had to schedule a meeting in the end".
With Claap, you can now check who's seen your claap, send people a quick reminder, and finally avoid that dreadful meeting.

Reactions on comments

Use emojis in Claap to get things done.

Pre-roll screen with description

After recording, add a description to your claap so members can understand the subject before watching your video.

End-roll screen with appreciation

You know this feeling when someone smiled at you during a meeting?
You can now easily let your teammates add recognition at the end of your claap 😉

Text formatting on Topics

We've launched it a few weeks ago for comments. It's not available for topic descriptions as well. Let's polish that beautiful 🖌 Design Review topic!


  • Improve see more state in comments
  • Make the video loader more visible in the player
  • Add a new default topic 👥 Syncs 1/1 when creating a new workspace
  • Add visual feedback on shortcuts in the player
  • Improve the animation in the no comment state of the lateral bar


  • Fix wording in join the claapers link
  • Fix shortcut animations in a row in the player
  • Thumbnailer error: cannot allocate memory
  • Extension grant permission didn't work
  • Glitch on the reactions when you open the pop-in‍

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