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Released on 
January 25, 2024

Like most of our customers, you’re using Claap to both extract insights from your meetings and record video clips for your teams or customers.

We tried to implement pricing plans that helped you adjust how much you pay based on your main use cases. But you made it clear that our plans were hard to understand.

Today, we’re excited to share three big changes to help you get even more out of Claap:

  • More clarity
  • More flexibility
  • More value

And you will pay the same price than what you pay now.

More Clarity

Bye bye plans, permissions, add-ons… 👋

We now offer three types of licenses, each tailored to different needs:

  1. Basic License: This is our free option, offering essential features at no cost.
  2. Starter License: For 8€/mo (yearly) you can share quick video updates and get feedback on your work. Up to 30min per video.
  3. Pro License: Priced at 24€/mo (yearly), this is our premium option, packed with advanced AI features like summary, AI copilot, meeting recording integrations. Unlimited recording duration.

More flexibility

You can purchase different licenses for different users, without the need to have everyone on the same licence.

More value

We repackaged the different licenses so that you can get the best value for your specific needs.

Discover all features available for each plan here.

What does it change for you?

You will pay the same price for Claap than what you pay now.

We’re switching the plans and roles systems to a single license one:

➡️ “Contributor” members become Basic License.

➡️ “Basic Recorder” members become Starter License.

➡️ “Power Recorder” members become Pro License.

➡️ In a Free Plan, “Contributors” and “Basic recorders” are now all on a Basic License.

❌ We killed the Team Plan. We now have a Free Plan and a Paid Plan with licenses.

❌ We killed the “Power Recorder” add-ons.

Want to know what is the best for your teams? Feel free to book a call with an expert here.

Have a great day!

Claap Team.

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