Get 30% Commission
For every deal you refer

Become an ambassador for Claap, the best video recording solution on the market. Get 30% commission on your referred user payments.

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How it works

For companies looking to generate revenue by implementing Claap for their clients or advisors & influencers referring it to their communities.



Apply to our affiliate program to become an ambassador.


Share The Link

Share your affiliate link to validate your commission and offer a discount to your referrals.


Earn $$$

Get a 30% commission when a referral convert to any paid plans.


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How can I see my affiliates and my performance?

Here on our ambassador interface! You will be able to see your affiliates, paying or not, but also the amount of your commissions.

how long are commissions paid For?

The commissions are paid out as long as the affiliate's subscription is renewed.

Is there a discount for my referrals?

Yes! Your referrals will get a 30% discount for the first 2 months if they commit on a monthly plan, and 10% discount for the first year if they commit on a yearly plan.

Who can I affiliate?

Everybody except yourself and people who works in the same company as yours.

What happens if the person doesn't use my affiliate link?

Our tracking system is activated from the first visit of the lead on our site. If the lead does not visit our site using your link, it is not possible to add them as an affiliate afterwards.

What is a lead in my Affiliate dashboard?

A lead is a referral who entered their payment details in Claap.

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