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Released on 
November 23, 2023
New feature

You already use Claap to record video clips and meetings and many of you already loved the Notion-like workspace approach we took to centralize all your videos in one place.

Today, we’re super happy to bring that one step further with our new “Video Wiki” features: global search in transcript, custom views, and more…

And since Ken is also busy celebrating thanksgiving, we had to improvise a different feature announcement with the help of AI..

And if you’re too busy watching Ken, here’s a short deep dive on the new features

Global Search in Transcript

Easily find back anything you’ve said or heard using our new global search. Type any word to jump into the right moment in any video.

Search in Channels & My Claaps

Alternatively, you can find back your recordings by searching directly into a specific channel like User Research, Sales Calls or Product Demos.

Organize video channels with custom views

Streamline your workflows with custom views and automated Slack alerts designed for each use case.

You can now use labels, filters and sorts to create customize views for your specific needs:

  • Employee Training: manually order your videos and filter them with labels like onboarding weeks (Week 1, Week 2, etc…) to create a channel with all your tutorials. Sync it with Notion databases.
  • Customer Onboarding: create customer onboarding programs with short videos to explain how the product works. Example here.
  • Customer Calls: easily organize customer calls and filter them by type (discovery call, demo, onboarding, etc…)
  • Product Demos: organize all your weekly product demos in one place. Filter them out by squads.
  • Bug Reports: automatically send bugs to Slack

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