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Notion Integration

Released on 
April 3, 2023
New feature

Embed Claap Videos in Notion

You asked. We listened. Our most requested integration is now available: Integrate Claap with Notion ✨

👉 Embed Claap videos into Notion pages. Just copy the link or enter / and find Claap.

👉 View Claap videos and comments without leaving the Notion space

👉 Set access rights so that your teammates can view Claap videos right from Notion

The coolest part: comment on Claap without leaving Notion

Okay, we hear you. Embedding is cool, but nothing we haven’t seen before. But what if we told you you can leave comments and feedback on your claaps without leaving Notion? Pretty darn cool, no? Now you can spend less time tab surfing and more time getting stuff done.

PS: this feature is now also available on other embed modes in Jira, Linear, ClickUp, Trello and more.

New fullscreen mode

Last thing, you can now leave comments directly from the fullscreen mode. You can click on the comment button, press C or just select a zone of the screen to annotate. It will open a side panel with the comments.

Top Story: How Figures raised $6.8M in seed funding in just 3 weeks with Claap + Notion?

We sat down with Figures CEO Virgile to get the full back story on his fundraising roadshow, and the role async communication (with Claap + Notion 😉) played in accelerating the fundraising process.


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