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New Workspace Organization

Released on 
November 30, 2021
Video collaboration

Do you know what we like about Wednesdays?

"No Meeting Wednesdays" (NMW for the cool kids out there) 😍

To help you make the transition, we're super excited to announce some new features designed to make your async life easier.

Start working async, not asap.

New Workspace

"Tidy a little a day and you'll be tidying forever." Marie Kondo

Nothing can replace the feeling of having access to the right information at the right time.

New sections available

To be honest, no one understood what "Direct Claaps" meant. 🤷‍♂️

So to make it easier to navigate through your Claaps, we have replaced the "Direct Claaps" section with 2 new sections:

  • My claaps: quick access to all claaps that you've recorded
  • Shared with me: quick access to all claaps that were shared with you

Other improvements

  • Let users change the topic icon from the lateral bar
  • Refresh topic page after topic creation from a move to topic action
  • Decrease the size of the Claap tile in topics to show more of them
  • Add a CMD + L shortcut to copy claap link when hovering a claap tile
  • Add new notification tags in topics, my claaps and shared with me sections
  • Let users delete several inbox notifications in a row
  • Add unread count in Inbox page title and a red dot in the favicon in case of unread notifications
  • Add tooltip on the topic name when it's not fully visible in the inbox

New Player

New feedback cursor

Some people say feedback is the breakfast of champions. Well, since we noticed the previous feedback cursor was a bit hard to digest, we cooked a new one.

Faster Player

"Speed. I am speed. I am faster than fast. Quicker than quick. I am lightning."

I am the new player system:

  • 1.3x default speed (yeah, life's too short). We just saved you 30% of your time 🤘
  • Shortcut speed control (try to press Shift + ⬆️)
  • Improved player navigation with timestamp on mouse hover (video miniatures will come soon!)

Other improvements on player

  • Remove the Cancel button in the comment tiles and threads (thanks Marco Lacroix for this one!)
  • Adjust the standard dimension of the video player
  • Fix "copied to clipboard" tooltip disappearing too fast
  • Open links in the comments in a new tab (thanks, Jeremy Deramchi, for that one!)
  • Add by default a zone when clicking on the "Comment" button or pressing C
  • Add a tooltip to show the shortcuts on the volume and playback rate sliders
  • Enable CMD/CTRL + Click to open claap on a new tab in the inbox

Stable Video Recording

As some of you have experienced, we had some issues with some claaps remaining in "processing state". We sincerely apologize for that and if it was the case for you, we want to hear about it and see how we can help.

In the meantime, we're happy to announce that we have addressed the primary root cause behind the issue and continue to monitor claap processing very closely.

Other Improvements

  • Add the name of the claap in the delete claap & delete topic pop-ins
  • Align order of items in the claap menus in claap tile and claap screen
  • Harmonize the design of the shortcut mentions in the tooltips

Other Fixes

  • Shortcut C on the enroll screen should not open a zone
  • Fix pre-roll not appearing when claap is saved and glitching afterward
  • Fix video duration which differs after transcoding
  • An overlay appears on video on claap screen
  • Fix video that doesn't change when moving between notifications in claap pop-in
  • Unseen count does not appear when the "just @mentions" option is selected
  • Fix loss of focus in move-to-topic
  • Press ESC doesn't close the move-to-topic overlay
  • Fix glitch when editing the claap name
  • Fix in-zone comments animation
  • Fix new notification tag UI in the comment tiles
  • Fix thread UI regression
  • Fix delete claap pop-in that doesn't appear correctly
  • Fix Viewability pop-in in Claap tiles can't be scrolled
  • Fix the glitching share pop-in and wrong positioning
  • Fix the clicked background color when you add an email in the share pop-in
  • Link to deleted notification should redirect to related recording
  • Pressing ESC when a comment is selected in Claap screen/pop-in doesn't work
  • Playback Rate shortcuts don't work well when the slider is open
  • Fix design on workspace deletion
  • Fix the add email overlay in the workspace settings
  • Fix "password recovery page" design
  • No appreciation gif in email
  • Replace empty string with an untitled label in email notifications when a claap has no title
  • Fix redirection to the Chrome store
  • Fix the alignment of avatars in the main Claap screen

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