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Released on 
November 2, 2023
New feature

Introducing Auto-Chapters

A few weeks ago, we began unveiling a series of major updates, all tailored to enhance your video recording experience.

Whether you're capturing meeting recordings or video clips, our goal is to make them more engaging, efficient, and actionable.

This week, we’re pretty excited to announce Auto-Chapters

Auto-Chapters automatically segment your videos into easily digestible sections, much like YouTube, but tailored for work.

So no need to watch the whole recording to find valuable informations.

Let’s dive in 👇


After you finished recording, your video will be automatically divided into chapters to make it easy to read.

This feature is available for Power Recorder licenses.

Create & edit chapters

You can now effortlessly create and edit chapters. Simply click on the chapter button located at the top left of the video to access the chapter panel.

This feature is accessible to all recorders.

Seeing is believing 😉

While a picture might be worth a thousand words, a "claap" could fill a library.. Check out Ken Bleacher's latest tutorial on recording Google Meet sessions, now segmented into chapters.

Other improvements

  • Make the “You are currently sharing another tab with Claap” less intrusive
  • Add a filter to display All, pending invites, deactivated or left workspace users in the Member settings
  • Add reactions in the claap tiles
  • Add the integration icons in the claap tiles in the topic / my claaps / ... screens
  • Improve the infinite scroll on grid view
  • Make the "Theme" page in the settings visible from all workspace users
  • Hide the feature push dot when user click on it
  • Kill autopause on comment
  • Automate AI Copilot
  • Fix mobile keyboard pushing move to topic drawer too far and input is not visible
  • Prevent UI glitch on responsive components and styles which use useMediaQuery hook
  • Display AI copilot ai processing state to all users
  • Remove chapters from description


  • Fix options in the menu of the claap tiles disappeared
  • Fix onboarding window not launching in desktop app
  • Fix first seconds of audio is messed up when recording with system audio
  • Fix overlay in screen-only mode is showing cam when switching tabs
  • Fix switching from cam-only to screen only should remove the background
  • Fix cam overlay is disappearing when switching tabs during recording
  • Fix "Link copied" toast not working when recording with extension
  • Fix My claaps page fetches ALL recordings on mobile
  • Fix the + button in the sidebar of a claap is misaligned
  • Turn the font color of this toaster to white
  • Fix a guest should not see the My Zoom meetings tab
  • Fix rows in Members panel are cut on Mobile
  • Fix Create New Channel popin is allowing private channels for non paying plans
  • Disable Continue button if team size is not filled
  • Fix the bottom of the video is hidden in some viewer ratios
  • Fix Feedback CTA not well positioned
  • Fix size of tiles are different

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