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Released on 
June 23, 2022
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How to break bad meeting habits? It’s no secret that we all wish we had fewer meetings.

But scheduling a meeting is often a reflex we have when trying to get feedback on something a bit complex.

That's why we’ve just launched a series of integrations to help you turn your next meeting into a 5-min claap.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

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Github Integration — speed up your review process

Tired of copy-pasting 3 screenshots to Github to explain something a bit complex? You can now directly record a Claap from Github.

Google Calendar Integration — replace your next 30-min meeting with a short claap

You’re looking at your calendar. And you’re realizing your next meeting could be a claap.

Just hit the new “Record Claap” button and turn your next 30-min meeting into a short video.

Gmail Integration — this could have been an email a claap

You’ve just started typing a very long email. And you probably know people won’t read it. Quickly bring more context and interactions and share a claap instead.

Google Sheets Integration — quickly align on your next model

This is it. You’ve just finished building your next business model. It’s time to align all stakeholders. Quickly record a claap to give more context and let people annotate your video with relevant comments.

Google Doc Integration — structure your thoughts and bring a human touch

If you’re using Google Doc to structure your thoughts and share it during a meeting, you can now record a claap from there and easily collect feedback. Without the meetings.

Google Slide Integration — bring more context to your next presentation

You’re preparing your next pitch deck and want to get feedback from your teammates. You can now directly record a claap from there.

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