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Hubspot Integration

Released on 
May 15, 2024

Salespeople lose more than an hour every single day keeping their CRM updated. And according to the numbers, 79% of that information is incorrect. I’m sure they’re not talking about you though...

Post-meeting admin slows down your pipeline, and if we’re being honest, it’s just really boring.

The good news is, with our shiny new Hubspot integration you can pipe all your call data straight into Hubspot 🧠

Say goodbye to CRM headaches and watch the video below to see it in action.

Don't feel like watching something? Read all about it below 👇

Turn AI meeting summaries into Hubspot notes

Help your team (and yourself) catch up on any sales call in seconds. Get a detailed AI meeting summary using the template that suits you and add it to your Hubspot notes.

Sync existing data with attendee information

Get all your updates right where you need them. Connect your Claap account to your Google Calendar to automatically sync meeting attendees with the relevant contact in Hubspot.

Say goodbye to out-of-date CRMs

No more turning up to sales calls with the wrong information. Update any of your notes with the click of a button to make sure nobody in your sales team is working with old data.

We want to empower every team that uses Claap to get rid of boring post-meeting admin, chop days off your sales funnel, and win more deals.

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