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Introducing Teams

Released on 
June 30, 2022
New feature
Video collaboration

Since the beginning, our goal is to facilitate alignment & decision-making for all teams. And we’ve been building our workspace to make it easy to see the big picture without ever missing the details: a central place for knowledge, feedback and decisions.

Today, we’re super excited to bring Claap’s workspace to another dimension with the launch of Teams and other major improvements.

Thank you for being a part of the Claap community 🙏 We can’t wait to continue this journey together.

Introducing Teams: keep everyone on the same page

Each level of Claap gives you more flexibility and control to organize everything from small teams to enterprise companies 👇

Workspace: one central place for your org

A Workspace represents your entire company, organization, small business, household, and more.

Watch the claap demo below 👇

NEW Teams: organize your team's work

Organize separate departments and teams, each containing topics and set permissions for members.

Read more.

Topics 2.0: centralize your recordings

Create topics to organize your team’s work: design reviews, product updates, GTM alignment, OKR review. Add covers, description, and labels.

What’s new in topics:

  • Drag & drop: re-organize topics in the order you want
  • Edit topic cover: customize each space with a cover with Unsplash
  • Create public & private topics under the same team. Read more here.
  • Advanced permissions: share topics internally or with external stakeholders. Read more here.

Read more.

A massive thank you!

We’ve built this workspace to help leading organizations scale alignment through async video collaboration. So thanks a lot for that!

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