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Automated Zoom Recording

Released on 
November 9, 2023
New feature

Introducing automated Zoom recording

You probably know you can import your Zoom recordings into your workspace. It only takes a couple clicks but we decided that was a couple clicks too many.

From now on, you can automatically record your Zoom meetings to get instant meeting notes 🤩

To get a real taste for how it works, allow Ken Bleacher to take you through the process.

It’s easy to get started, just connect to Claap and never worry if a meeting is being recorded ever again.

Learn how to set it up 👇

Automatically record & import your meetings

Automatically record meetings in Zoom and upload them into Claap.
This feature is available for Power Recorder licenses. (Requires a Zoom Pro License)

👉 If you want to unlock a free trial of the feature, you can book a call here.

Access all your meeting recordings in one place

We’ve redesigned the My Library section to make it more visible where your upcoming Zoom meetings are.

Configure your recording automation preferences

You can define the type of meetings you want to import and where:

  • External or internal meetings
  • Pick a channel

Transcribe & summarize using AI-powered summary

Use AI-summary templates to get meeting notes in seconds using the right template for your needs.

Want to know more about it? Feel free to book a demo 👉 HERE.

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