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Notification Control

Released on 
October 24, 2022
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Whether you’re a 1-person org or thousands of people spread across 50 countries, you need to take action fast. That’s why we built Claap to truly power up deep collaboration. A solid foundation that helps people, teams, and organizations collaborate effectively means you get a tool that speeds up your decision-making, not slow it down.

Today, we’re pretty excited to start announcing a series of major improvements that will help unlock deeper collaboration.

Chapter 1: Advanced Notification Control

Online collaboration can often lead to one issue: too. many. notifications.

To help you better handle notifications, we’ve made it easier to control them to your needs.

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The Claap Team.

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You can now manage your notification settings and decide the ones you want to receive:

New recording

  • New claap invitation
  • New claap added to topic
  • New claap upload ready


  • New comments added in a claap you follow
  • New reply to thread
  • New mention


  • New view on my claap
  • New vote on polls

See how to do it here.


When speaking about notifications, we all have our preferences.

With Claap, you have 3 powerful ways to manage your notifications:

  • For the Email folks: we’ve redesigned the new notification emails
  • For the Slack Addict: you can use our Slack App to receive and reply to comments from Slack (how to do it here)
  • For the “0 Inbox” fans: manage your claap activity directly in the inbox in Claap. We improved its speed.


You start watching the latest product demo, then you need to jump to do something else (probably a meeting 🤫). Don’t worry, you can now resume your recording where you left it, like on Netflix.

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