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Linear integration

Released on 
July 31, 2023
New feature

Create Linear issues directly from Claap

You can now click on “Create Linear issue” and add a status, assignee, label, project or even select how urgently the bug needs solving. Then click “Create issue” to automatically send a ticket to Linear.

Watch claap videos and comment without leaving Linear

Once your issue is created, you claap video will be automatically embed into your Linear issue. You can leave your tech team watch and comment on the video without leaving their Linear workspace.


  • Ask the goals of the users in the onboarding flow
  • Make it possible to switch between Monthly and Yearly plans


  • Transcripts not visible when there is one speaker and one segment
  • Fix incorrect quote color
  • Fix Glitch in inbox when notifications go beyond the bottom of screen
  • Fix some issues with auto scrolling in comments
  • Fix the weird glitch and layout of the copy link tooltip
  • Fix going to inbox shows "Oops" page
  • Fix clicking on a comment avatar in timeline no longer jumps to timestamp
  • Add comments in transcript -- quick follow up improvements
  • Fix avatars blend together and are missing a border when shown in comment replies
  • Fix avatar glitch when adding comment in transcript
  • Fix issues in New preroll screen opened immediately after a recording
  • Bad positioning of Resume button
  • Fix layout of buttons in My Account and General Settings on Mobile
  • Fix can't select keywords in transcript search field
  • We should not consider the next character when adding an emoji at the middle of a sentence
  • The settings menu of threads is not opening on fullscreen.
  • Fix Desktop app recording cannot complete upload "cannot complete upload without parts"
  • Fix echoed voice in meeting recording on Brave
  • Fix echo heard when recording specific tab with system sound with extension
  • Fix the loading spinner isn't correct in the extension
  • Fix recording controls overlay is appearing even as a guest
  • Fix loading of notification details in inbox take too long
  • Fix hovering into comment tile is not immediately showing hover elements
  • Update the plans cards on mobile so that you can see them all at once
  • Fix the help popin on the not found page
  • Hide the notification preferrences in the '...' for public viewers in the claap screen
  • Controls shouldn't be extendable on preroll
  • Let users comment on a claap processing after a desktop app recording
  • Fix "NaN" shown in the Speaker Insights
  • Fix glitch on custom icon when opening General tab in Workspace settings
  • Fix Star topic not working from topic items list


  • Show the list of audio devices in recording settings up to date
  • Fix TAB navigation doesn't work well in the recording settings (desktop)
  • Show "launch the Claap extension" overlay when landing on Google meet page
  • Fix the user can get stuck with the window selection popin in the background
  • Update scene button style for hover and focus state on extension
  • Improve workflow for the meeting recording usecase
  • Display members in the workspace overlay for each workspace
  • Make the search controls more visible in the Transcript search
  • Add a keyboard shortcut to toggle on / off the lateral bar
  • Remove the blurred lines for horizontal video formats in claap screen
  • Add a Sharing & Permissions entry in the topic dropdown in the lateral bar
  • Update the Resume button
  • Let users cancel a draft form the transcript pen icon
  • Clicking on the upgrade icon should open the Upgrade popin in Security settings
  • Add pricing plans and annual plans in the app
  • Update the background color of the "invite people" modal as well as the dropdown behavior
  • Fix glitch when adding a thumbnail
  • Revamp the Integrations settings
  • Improve performance of the Claap quickview popin in the inbox
  • Add a skeleton for the player before the video loads
  • Add strokes on integration tiles to match the new design system
  • Ease the workflow to upgrade a user to power recorder
  • Add gamification in the checklist with Yeaahhh and so on as in the onboarding
  • Improve the formatting control tooltip
  • Change Add thumbnail wording to "Edit thumbnail" in the claap edit menu
  • Copying the transcript should copy the speaker names
  • Increase the silence duration needed to jump a line in the transcript
  • Add the number of speakers in the Speaker button
  • Fix tooltips in fullscreen once and for all
  • Let admins deactivate users instead of deleting them
  • Add a workspace owner role
  • Add another property goalsString in onboarding funnel tracking

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