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AI Copilot (Beta)

Released on 
September 28, 2023
New feature

Ever felt like creating a snappy five-minute video is a whole saga?

A few weeks ago, I heard of someone (👋 Bran) put it perfectly:

For others, crafting a five-minute video can turn into quite the ordeal. You might spend 20 minutes recording and another 15 minutes editing. Add it all up, and you’ve got 35 minutes gone! You start thinking, I could’ve had a meeting in that time. And honestly, that’s the last thing we want you to feel.

So guess what? We’ve been working on something super exciting – say hello to Claap’s AI Copilot in Beta! 🌟

We designed it to tackle the challenge of making your videos rich and easy to digest without burning the midnight oil.

Here’s how AI Copilot has got your back:

  1. Craft Auto Titles: Wave goodbye to title block – get snappy titles without the headache!
  2. Generate Auto Descriptions: Add context with zero fuss.
  3. Create Tags Automatically: Make your videos easy to find with tags that pop.
  4. Break Down Videos with Auto Minutes: Help your teammates jump to the right section

And this is just us getting started! We’ve got loads of cool features in the pipeline – think auto-chapters, smart editing, and more!

This feature is available in private beta for all our paid users. Claap’s AI Copilot will get much better in the coming months so looking forward to receiving your feedback 🙏


Claap Team

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