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Notion Database Integration

Released on 
September 12, 2023
New feature

Like many of you, we've built our entire company infrastructure on Notion, utilizing its databases extensively for enhanced transparency and automation in processes such as onboarding, user research, and more.

Earlier this year, we took a step further with our first Notion integration, allowing seamless interaction with Claap videos directly within Notion.

Now, we're elevating this integration by linking Claap to Notion’s databases — paving the way for a new generation of use cases.

Take a look below 👇

Hack #1 — Consolidate Your Meeting Notes in Notion

👉 Save 10 min per meeting and keep all meeting notes in one place:

  • Record meetings using Claap
  • Summarize meetings with AI Summary templates
  • Create a Notion page from Claap in a “Meeting Notes” database
  • Access the page with your claap and summary directly on it

💡 Bonus: can replace meeting recording platforms (Fireflies, Otter, TLDV)

Hack #2 — Generate & Centralize User Research

👉 Prevent the loss of valuable insights in old Google drives:

  1. Record user research with Claap
  2. Use the “User research” template to generate a summary
  3. Annotate transcripts with comments to pinpoint insights
  4. Push the video with summary and transcript directly in your “User Research” database in Notion

💡 Bonus: can replace user research platforms (Dovetail, EnjoyHQ)

Hack #3 — Create Training Programs in Minutes

Ever wanted to create a quick tutorial, generate the written guidelines then create a new page right in your onboarding programs in Notion?

  1. Create new tutorial videos & use the “Training” AI-summary
  2. Push new tutorial to Notion right from Claap
  3. Approve newly created tutorials from Notion
  4. Let newcomers watch video with written instructions in Notion

Hack #4 — Centralize Product Updates

Ensure everyone stays informed about upcoming features:

  1. Record weekly product demos with Claap
  2. Summarize them to generate written notes
  3. Push it to a Notion database so everyone can access it easily

💡 Replaces: Probably many meetings and miscommunication between tech, product and revenue teams ;)

Hack #5 — Create New Content Faster

Turning a customer call into content can take time. By recording your sessions with Claap, you’ll have a record of every thought so you can have something ready in 1 hour, not 1 day:

  • Upload interview to generate transcript and highlights
  • Push it to Notion with the summary and transcript
  • Use Notion AI to turn your transcripts into polished articles

Want to see what we shipped recently? Take a look at our changelog here.

Other improvements

  • Add a activation checklist final celebration popin when all actions are completed
  • Fix video does not autoplay when clicking on Watch video in Activation checklist
  • Add another property goalsString in onboarding funnel tracking
  • Switch microphone recorded when new default audio input device detected
  • Show the list of audio devices in recording settings up to date
  • Update toast design in extension and desktop app
  • Update the "add to topic" icon in the extension and app
  • Upgrade CTA in extension/desktop should point to Upgrade panel in Settings
  • Support System Audio output recording
  • Refresh desktop app permissions resources with latest MacOS UI
  • Start recording faster (create Recording entity earlier)
  • Fix countdown still seen when recording with Desktop App
  • Replace wording in gmeet tooltip
  • Dynamically move the controls on the left of the cam when extension overlay is on the right side of the screen
  • Add a "Record video" embedded button in Linear
  • Improve the "You denied access in the past" popin
  • Revamp the Integrations settings
  • Avoid to show loading state when landing on topic page after creation
  • Fix the filling of the integration icon
  • Update radius of the label when inviting a user in the share overlay
  • Remove the small pause in the new feature dot purple circle animation
  • Improve contrast of the integration link tiles in the claap screen
  • Update topic skeleton states
  • Improve Linear integration fields
  • Fix font color to white on hover of the sections in the lateral abr of the help center
  • Update the upper padding of the upload Zoom recording modal
  • Update the selected state of a button
  • Update the claap sidebar search input height and font size
  • Update the layout of the dropdown overlays everywhere in the product to match the new design system layout
  • Add more padding at the bottom of the "Add notion page" modal
  • Update radius size of the user avatar
  • Add ability to have direct links to individual settings pages
  • Add an info link in the Upgrade popins
  • Add a mention of the power recorder seat in the plan page
  • Replace Claap Community Link
  • Add gamification in the checklist with Yeaahhh and so on as in the onboarding
  • Improve the formatting control tooltip
  • Add the number of speakers in the Speaker button
  • Let users explore transcript from a comment in the comment tab
  • Push the new feature Comment in Transcript in the product
  • Put focus on the topic title in the new Create topic popin when popin opens
  • Add a popin when people create a topic
  • Improve Move to popin layout
  • Add the new topic grid (+skeletons) in the My Library pages
  • Fix ordering of share popin invitations
  • Implement new recordings tiles in My Claaps and Shared With Me
  • Add animations on new topic screen layout
  • Let admins deactivate users instead of deleting them
  • Update share popin|modal|drawer layout
  • Update illustration of the "end of video tagline" tooltip
  • Add "coming soon" to auto import zoom feature


  • Fix empty inbox page is not showing the gif correctly
  • Fix glitch on hover on integration tiles
  • Fix unable to select permissions in Share popin
  • Fix parts of the transcript are duplicated when entering the claap again
  • Fix two red notification dots are shown in grid view
  • Fix comments are disappearing and reappearing
  • Fix comment is erased while I type
  • Fix image preview after attaching to comment is not rendered properly
  • Fix keyboard shortcut “1” for reaction “Great!” is not working
  • Fix thread only showing first and last comment after replying
  • Fix broken Stop menu UI
  • Fix the lock in the topics list is too large in Desktop App
  • Fix feed of camera in Chrome is zoomed when Desktop app is opened
  • Fix desktop app doesn't recognize external cam
  • Fix last second of countdown is seen in extension recording
  • Fix extension overlay disappears when switching tabs before starting a recording
  • Fix mic and cam both shown as blocked when only the cam is blocked
  • Fix recording controls overlay is appearing even as a guest
  • Fix Unable to drag the extension overlay after a recording start or restart
  • Fix glitch with truncating text in inbox on pageload
  • Inbox empty state is shown when entering inbox for the first time
  • Inbox page not displaying all notifications
  • Fix multiple copies of a Linear issue can be created at same time
  • Fix new lines in claap description are not well copied to Linear description field
  • Fix remaining display glitches on page load
  • Fix flickering of skeleton when navigating to empty topic
  • Fix on Mobile impossible to dismiss the Activation Checklist
  • Fix on Mobile when clicking on a comment, the Resume button is moving around
  • Fix padding is too large and entries not aligned in Upgrade popin
  • Fix popup for Space navigation tip is not correctly placed
  • Unify height & positioning of the different blocks & spinners in the onboarding
  • Fix Continue button is enabled during onboarding without a topic entered
  • Fix a new user joining an existing workspace is not shown the activation checklist
  • Fix typo in sign up flow
  • Fix the autopause on comment breaking when closing and reopening the side bar
  • Fix endroll popin glitch for Guest
  • Fix unexpected border around Play button on new preroll in Safari
  • Fix text cursor lost when jumping line in comment input from transcript
  • Fix "NaN" shown in the Speaker Insights
  • Add a dynamic position on the transcript comment tooltip when comment is on top
  • Fix seeing initials instead of the avatars in header bar
  • Fix avatars not showing in the header bar
  • Fix comments in transcript new feature image

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