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Advanced Control & Permissions

Released on 
November 10, 2022
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Just like solving a math problem, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding simple answers to complex problems. And when it comes to balancing control and flexibility, it’s not always straight forward.

We believe great collaboration platforms should give admins peace of mind knowing their content remains both organized and secure, recorders the power to easily share access, and contributors the ability to seamlessly review content.

To make this equation work, we’re so happy to announce the 2nd chapter of improvements made to Claap to unlock deep collaboration: advanced control & permissions 🎛

Let’s dive in 👇

The Claap Team

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As an admin, you want to make sure potentially sensitive content remains private.

To make Claap even more secure, we’ve added the following options:

  • You can restrict the use of publicly accessible links
  • You can make the default sharing policy to private

Read more here.


As a recorder, you want to make sure sharing videos remain as smooth as possible while giving the right level of context and privacy.

Good news, it just got easier to share your videos:

  • Write a quick message while sharing your message
  • Let users request access to your private content
  • Share wherever you want with a new embed mode (read more here)


As a contributor, you want to easily understand what you can do and decide the level of notifications you want to receive.

So we made it easier to control the following:

  • Check your level of permissions and request more access
  • Manage your notifications at a thread, claap or topic level

Read more here.

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