Meet the first claapers.

Laugh in the face of the great resignation

Robin Bonduelle

Founder & CEO
The crazy brain behind Claap, he used his mind palace to find all the possibilities to reduce meetings on Earth.

Pierre Touzeau

Founder & COO
The badass storyteller, who likes badass communication with flashy colors and bold narratives.

Thomas Hernandez

Founder & CTO
The wise man of the team. No-one ever saw him stressed - except maybe at km170 of his first Iron Man.

Sean Tiffonnet

Product Designer
Full-remote advocate (¡hola España! 🇪🇸), giphy undiscussed champion and passionate about beautiful, smooth products.

Patrick Mezard

Software Engineer
Whether it’s about building rock-solid backends or canoeing 🛶 in cold Brittany waters: rigour is everything 🦖

Mohamed Bouksiaa

Software Engineer
Becoming scientist after finishing PhD? Naah, Claap is waay cooler!

Aurelien Dupays

Software Engineer
Creating robust user experiences and sharing enthusiasm from the Vosges ⛰

Piotr Pawlik

Software Engineer
Big async communication advocate, sporty person, passionate reader from Poland 🇵🇱


Chief Dog Officer
Woof! 🐶

Angela Guedes

Customer Success
Angela of the Great Atlantic Ocean, The Builder of Trust, and The Listener of the Many. Mother of 2 (tiny) Dragons.

Paul Leseute

Software Engineer
Business guy turned developer, that guy knows it all!

Remy Loubradou

Software Engineer
Turning terrible code into masterpieces since 1999 😎

Max Gayler

Content Strategist
Copywriter disguised as a music journalist. Famous host of the Build Further podcast. He also has a weird sense of humor (as any British person).

Antonio Munoz

Senior Frontend Engineer
Big animal lover, he and his wife have adopted two cats and a dog that live with us in a house near the beach. This house belongs to the cats that accept them as roomies. Also love traveling and playing video games.

Mariano Gonzalez

Senior Frontend Engineer
I love coding, design, data visualization and learning new things (among many other things). I was born in Santiago de Chile, but when I was 1 year old I moved to Spain and now I live in Madrid.

Victoire Léveilley

Ulysse Wolff

Ron Stefanski

Ron Stefanski is a college professor turned online business owner. He’s helped hundreds of thousands of people create and market their own online businesses. You can learn more about him by visiting

Nisha Joseph

Content Manager @
In her current role, she leads the content marketing team with experience in various fields, such as science, education, law, and management. She is a well-rounded individual with diverse interests and skills.

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