Meet the first claapers.

Laugh in the face of the great resignation

Robin Bonduelle

Founder & CEO
The crazy brain behind Claap, he used his mind palace to find all the possibilities to reduce meetings on Earth.

Pierre Touzeau

Founder & COO
The badass storyteller, who likes badass communication with flashy colors and bold narratives.

Thomas Hernandez

Founder & CTO
The wise man of the team. No-one ever saw him stressed - except maybe at km170 of his first Iron Man.

Sean Tiffonnet

Product Designer
Full-remote advocate (¡hola España! 🇪🇸), giphy undiscussed champion and passionate about beautiful, smooth products.

Patrick Mezard

Software Engineer
Whether it’s about building rock-solid backends or canoeing 🛶 in cold Brittany waters: rigour is everything 🦖

Mohamed Bouksiaa

Software Engineer
Becoming scientist after finishing PhD? Naah, Claap is waay cooler!

Aurelien Dupays

Software Engineer
Creating robust user experiences and sharing enthusiasm from the Vosges ⛰

Piotr Pawlik

Software Engineer
Big async communication advocate, sporty person, passionate reader from Poland 🇵🇱


Chief Dog Officer
Woof! 🐶

Angela Guedes

Customer Success
Angela of the Great Atlantic Ocean, The Builder of Trust, and The Listener of the Many. Mother of 2 (tiny) Dragons.

Paul Leseute

Software Engineer
Business guy turned developer, that guy knows it all!

Remy Loubradou

Software Engineer
Turning terrible code into masterpieces since 1999 😎

Max Gayler

Content Strategist
Copywriter disguised as a music journalist. Famous host of the Build Further podcast. He also has a weird sense of humor (as any British person).

Antonio Munoz

Senior Frontend Engineer
Big animal lover, he and his wife have adopted two cats and a dog that live with us in a house near the beach. This house belongs to the cats that accept them as roomies. Also love traveling and playing video games.

Mariano Gonzalez

Senior Frontend Engineer
I love coding, design, data visualization and learning new things (among many other things). I was born in Santiago de Chile, but when I was 1 year old I moved to Spain and now I live in Madrid.

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