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New extension

Released on 
September 27, 2021
Chrome extension

Super excited to announce one of the most important releases since the launch of the beta: a major revamp of our Chrome Extension.

Easily manage your claaps from the extension

With our new extension, we've made it easy to manage your claaps, topics and workspace:

  • Access your claap workspace in just one click
  • Change workspace to record a new claap
  • Directly add a claap to a topic
  • Create a new topic
  • Add filters (☀️) PS: not new but just a few people know it

New recording mode

Are you the type of person that starts recording a claap 3 times in a row before feeling confident you can do it?

With our new recording mode, you can now:

  • Listen to the countdown to help you get ready
  • Restart your recording in just one click
  • New big webcam mode
  • Use shortcuts
  • And of course, add comments, pause and stop recording when you're done

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How to manage your notifications 🎓

Are you tired to receive too many notifications?

We've recorded this claap to help you better manage your notifications:

  • from your claaps
  • from your topics
  • from your workspace

Important: all notifications will be set to @mentions only by default

Watch Claap

Improvements 🖌

  • Pass workspace topics notifications to 'Just @mentions' by default
  • Add sound to the recording countdown
  • Improve the recording big webcam mode
  • Send an email notification when an anonymous user has seen a claap
  • Make easier to navigate across several claap tabs with precise page title
  • Add page title for Inbox page
  • Add video duration in the "new claap" email notification
  • Improve Playback selector

Fixes 🛠

  • Fix the click to deselect comment/zone in the Claap screen
  • Fix new comments delayed to be displayed
  • Fix dead click zone on the comment tile
  • Comment avatar outside of the comment timeline
  • Wrong background color for Direct claap icon
  • Fix the pixel gap when user renames a topic from the lateral bar
  • Fix the popin “add reaction” to a comment
  • Fix comment avatar animation in speed mode > 1x
  • Fix claap tile width in the topic screen

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