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September cleaning

Released on 
September 27, 2021

People will never forget how you made them feel.

As you know, "Love at first sight" is one of our key values. We love building great products. We love delighting our users. We're building Minimum Lovable Products, not Minimum Viable Products.

So we're kicking off the week with a list of improvements and fixes to make your experience even more delightful 🥰

Your claap is uploading

"Where is my claap?"🎶
Your last claap will appear with an "uploading" status in the corresponding topic if it hasn't been fully uploaded yet. Thanks Rachel, Greg and Tam for spotting this!

Comment tooltips on the timeline

You can now quickly see a preview of the comment when you hover over an avatar on the timeline.

Personalize the default topics depending on your team

When creating a new workspace, you will have access to different topic and claap examples depending on the team you selected during sign-up.

Topic examples for marketing teams

Make the focus on comment more visible

"Why does the video stop?"
Good news, we've improved the animation to make the focus on comment more visible!

Check who added a reaction to your comment

You can hover over reactions in a conversation to see who added them.

Increase maximum playback rate from x2 to x3

Want to go faster? Now you can.

Add shortcut mentions in overlays

You can't remember these nice shortcuts? No worries, they will be mentioned in overlays. Thanks Patricia for this idea 🙏

Other improvements

  • Change email subject for new claap notifications
  • Add a button to go back to your main workspace when you're on a claap
  • Keep the "move to" button visible on all claaps
  • Improve volume selector in the claap player
  • Add an animation when a comment is resolved
  • Improve "Move to" workflow
  • Improve the "Discard comment" pop-in


  • Fix invite member overlay position in the share popin
  • New claap notifications were sometimes sent twice
  • Fix hover state on comments after resolving a comment (thanks Richard!)
  • Fix hover and clicked state on "create topic" button
  • Fix the UX when opening a comment from the avatar in the comment timeline
  • Fix glitch on the endroll screen
  • Thread panel didn't close when someone resolves a comment
  • Problem of display when there were a lot of elements in the share pop-in ‍

What's coming next 🌘

Coming next: new inbox

Tired of receiving your claap notifications through emails? With the new Inbox, you will be able to easily access the claaps where you have new notifications and respond to them in a click.

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