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Custom AI Summaries

Released on 
April 4, 2024
New feature


Meetings are unpredictable. So when you’re choosing your AI summary template, you might be looking for something more specific. That’s why we’re giving you the power to create custom AI summary prompts.

Update existing templates

Already use our Sales Discovery template but want to add a section on competitors? Remove, add, and customize sections to find your perfect template.

Create custom templates

Want to summarize your call using your own sales framework (BANT, SPIN, MEDDIC)? Get a summary completely tailored to your needs every time.

Just click on the “Add template” button to start building your own custom template section by section, customize your prompts, and save it for your whole team to use.

Add sections under your summary

Now let’s say you’re already happy with your summary but want to add a specific section on one video. Just click “Add section” to quickly generate new text.

Find key moments with timestamps

If you’d like to check the source for each summary item to understand exactly what was said, skip to that part of the video by clicking on the timestamp next to each point in the summary.

How do AI sections work?

To take you behind the scenes a little bit, 1 section = 1 prompt.

To improve the accuracy of our AI Summaries, each summary is composed of sections. Each section corresponds to one AI prompt. We’ve already created pre-determined sections with prompts but you can easily edit them or create new ones.

If you have any questions, head to our Help Center.


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