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The SPICED framework is a five-step sales methodology designed to help sales reps identify customer needs and maximize sales opportunities. SPICED stands for Situation, Pain, Impact, Critical Event, and Decision — each step of the framework provides vital information the seller uses to create an effective solution for the prospect.

The diagnostic nature of SPICED makes it a popular framework in solution selling and needs-based selling. It helps sellers systematically organize information to understand their prospects’ backgrounds and needs and better anticipate their objections. And it gets buyers to open up about their whole situation, uncovering risks and implications of not making a change along the way.

To put it simply, SPICED is a framework that gets the prospect to realize the impact they need to make. The seller takes a diagnostic approach, but the prospect (ideally) calls themselves to action.

What is SPICED used for?

When implemented correctly, structure in the sales process improves efficiency, makes it easier to get new reps up to speed, and helps sellers qualify leads more accurately. The bottom-line result is higher revenue and a more fluid sales motion.

how to run SPICED on autopilot?

Sign up to Claap and start recording your sales meetings. Claap will do the rest.

How to automatically capture SPICED information after a meeting?

When you record a meeting using Claap, you can automatically generate analysis and AI Summaries of your call.

can i record google meets?

Yes, you can use our Screen Recorder to recorder Google Meet meetings. Discover more info our meeting recorder here.

can i get an audio transcript of my video?

Yes, Claap comes with audio transcription. Video transcription is accessible for free in 100+ languages.

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