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5 Best Sales Training Tools [2024 Update]

Victoire Leveilley
July 5, 2024
Remote Works

What are Sales Training Tools?

Sales training tools are specialized software solutions designed to help your business improve the sales skills and performance of your teams.

These tools offer a range of functionalities, from creating training content and tracking progress to providing real-time feedback and analytics. They aim to streamline the onboarding process, ensure consistent messaging, and enhance the overall effectiveness of sales strategies.

Why Use Sales Training Tools?

Improve Skill Development

Sales training tools offer structured learning paths that help your sales representatives acquire and hone essential skills. Interactive modules, training videos and tutorials ensure that learning is engaging and effective.

Streamline Onboarding

Your new hires can be onboarded quickly and efficiently with comprehensive training programs. Sales training tools provide standardized content that ensures every new sales rep receives the same high-quality training.

Ensure Consistent Messaging

By using a centralized platform for training, you can ensure that your team is conveying a consistent message to prospects and customers.

Enhance Knowledge Retention

Modern sales training tools, like Claap, use advanced features such as video annotations and AI-powered insights to enhance knowledge retention. These features help reinforce learning and ensure that sales reps retain critical information.

Save Time and Resources

With features like AI-powered editing, auto-chapters, and automatic transcript generation, tools like Claap significantly reduce the time and resources required to create and update training materials. This efficiency allows sales managers to focus more on strategic activities and less on administrative tasks.

Top 5 Best Sales Training Tools

  1. Claap: Best all-in-one sales training tool
  2. SC Training (formerly EdApp): Mobile-First Microlearning Platform
  3. Brainshark: Sales Readiness Platform
  4. Seismic Learning (formerly Lessonly): Learning Management System
  5. Mindtickle: Sales Enablement and Readiness Platform

If you want to focus on video training platforms, check out our ranking here.

#1. Claap: the best all-in-one sales training tool

Claap is an advanced sales training tool that simplifies your workflow by enabling you to record meetings, record your screen to create asynchronous videos, and build a robust library of sales training materials with exceptional efficiency.

With Claap, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming task of developing training content from scratch. As a powerful AI-powered video training software, Claap allows you to turn routine meetings into valuable training resources in a matter of minutes.

Whether you're an experienced sales professional or just starting out, Claap makes the entire process intuitive and effortless. You’ll make the most out of video sales training with Claap.


  • Effortless Recording: Start recording with one click using your webcam, screen, or both.
  • AI-Powered Editing: Features include auto-chapters, edit-in-transcript, AI-written instructions, and auto-subtitles.
  • Enhanced Knowledge Retention: Use video annotations, comment threads, mentions, and video analytics.
  • Engaging AI-Copilot: Creates engaging, easy-to-navigate videos with automatic chapters and AI-powered summaries.
  • Easy Embedding: Embed videos in communication apps like Slack, knowledge bases like Notion or Confluence. You can basically embed your videos anywhere.


  • Claap is not a dedicated sales training tool but a tool that can serve any purpose to help sales teams


Give Claap a try thanks to the 14-days free trial.

  • Free Plan - $0/license/month: Includes 10 min of meeting recording per video and 10 videos;
  • Starter Plan - $8/license/month: with 30 min of meeting recording per video and unlimited videos upload/storage;
  • Pro Plan - $24/license/month: with unlimited recording time, unlimited videos upload/storage and access to all AI features;
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Claap to see how the software can be tailored to your needs.

You’ll find more on our pricing here.

#2. SC Training (formerly EdApp): Mobile-First Microlearning Platform


SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a mobile-first microlearning platform designed to deliver engaging and effective training content. It offers an extensive video library of pre-built courses and tools for creating customized videos and training modules tailored to your sales team’s needs.


  • Mobile Accessibility: Provides excellent mobile learning experiences, allowing sales reps to train on the go.
  • Customize ready-made courses: You can customize any of the 1,000+ courses in SC Training’s library to jumpstart your workplace training.
  • Microlearning Format: Breaks down training content into manageable, bite-sized lessons.
  • Template Library: Offers a wide range (80+) of customizable training and coaching templates for rapid course creation. No coding or graphic designer required.
  • Gamification: Includes features like leaderboards, quizzes, and rewards to boost engagement.
  • Create content with AI: AI helps you to create your training content. You'll no longer be afraid of the blank page.
  • Course Creation Services: Expert instructional designers will turn your ideas into impactful, bite-sized content.


  • Limited Depth for Complex Topics: Microlearning format may not be suitable for more complex or in-depth training needs.
  • Challenging learning curve
  • Limited number of integrations


  • Free plan with core features (unlimited shareable courses, AI-generated lessons, library of editable courses, customized branding, online support). Up to 10 learners.
  • Premium plan for larger teams ($5 per learner) that includes core features but also secure access with SSO, AI translation, the possibility to create groups, advanced analytics.
  • Enterprise plan designed for 500+ users. You need to contact the team to define the pricing. The plan includes tailored onboarding services and a dedicated account manager.

#3. Brainshark: Sales Readiness Platform


Brainshark (a Bigtincan company) focuses on preparing sales teams with on-demand training content. This sales training tool allows companies to create, share, and track sales training materials, ensuring readiness and effectiveness.


  • Content Creation: Develop engaging training content with ease.
  • Build custom library of topics or skills
  • Track the learning activities of your team: To make sure your sales team learn the key skills you want them to learn
  • Mobile App: The Brainshark Mobile App helps your team to learn anytime anywhere. The app even works in areas with low connectivity.
  • Performance Tracking: Measure the impact of training on sales performance.
  • Manage live and external learning events: You can create course sessions for your live training sessions, such as webinars. 


  • Limited Interactivity: While it provides excellent content creation tools, interactivity options (quizzes, polls etc) are limited compared to some competitors.
  • Limited customization options.
  • The support department is not the most responsive: No phone number.


Brainshark does not give prices for its two plans, Pro and Premier, on its website. You'll have to contact the company.

  • Pro plan includes features for content authoring and sharing (record screen and webcam, create voice-enriched presentations, detailed reports…) and features for proper training (creation of structured courses, certifications & achievement badges, learning analytics…)
  • Premier plan includes all the features of the Pro plan as well as features for coaching and practice.

#4. Seismic Learning (formerly Lessonly): Learning Management System


Seismic Learning (formerly Lessonly) is a popular LMS (Learning Management System) and sales training tool designed to streamline your training process. It offers tools for creating lessons, tracking progress, and providing feedback, making it a solid choice for sales training.


  • Easy Lesson Creation: Build interactive lessons without technical expertise.
  • Target training: Assign lessons and training paths to individuals, teams, or your entire company.
  • Progress Tracking: Monitor employee progress and engagement.
  • Feedback and Coaching: Offer feedback and coaching through the platform.


  • Limited Video Features: Seismic Learning’s video creation and editing capabilities are not as advanced as those of other competitors. 
  • Limited customization options: Some text options are limited 
  • Integration Challenges: Some users report difficulties with integrating Seismic Learning with other software.
  • No free trial


Contact Seismic to get an idea of the price of the various plans on offer.

#5. Mindtickle: Sales Enablement and Readiness Platform


MindTickle is a sales enablement and readiness platform that is both a training software and a sales coaching software. It helps sales teams improve their skills and close deals faster with a comprehensive suite of tools.


  • Comprehensive Training: Offers a vast library of training content and structured learning paths.
  • Personalized training: Scale individualized enablement programs and map skill development of your team
  • AI-driven reinforcement and practice exercises
  • Templates & AI-programs: To help you launch your learning programs quickly
  • Coaching and Feedback: Helps you leverage sales coaching with robust coaching tools and feedback mechanisms.
  • Gamify the learning experience: With leaderboards, live challenges, quizzes
  • Performance Analytics: Delivers detailed performance analytics to track progress and effectiveness. Training is mapped to revenue outcomes.


  • User Experience: Some users find the interface complex and less intuitive. It may be less intuitive than other platforms to understand which courses have been completed and which have not been.
  • Unclear pricing plan, no free version


Contact Mindtickle to get an idea of the price of the various plans on offer. The average price is between $15 and $50 per month per user.

Bonus: How to Create Sales Training in Minutes with Claap

Claap is a forward sales training tool that allows you to develop engaging and efficient training materials quickly. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Record Your Content

  • Screen or Webcam Recording: Start by recording your screen, your face, or both using Claap.
  • Meeting Recordings: Alternatively, you can use recordings from your meetings. Trim down the meeting recordings to extract the relevant parts you want to include in your training.

2. Edit Your Videos

Edit your videos by trimming unnecessary parts and stitching together multiple clips to make the content more dynamic and relevant. Claap’s AI-powered editing tools make this process quick and efficient.

3. Update Training Material

Easily update your training videos as processes change. Claap allows for seamless updates, ensuring your training material is always current and accurate.

4. Save and Share

  • Save Videos: Once your video is ready, save it to your designated sales training channel within Claap.
  • AI-Powered Summary: Create an AI-powered written summary of your video for easy reference.
  • Integrate with Notion: Integrate your Claap video with Notion in seconds and add it to your onboarding page for new hires.

5. Engage Your Team

  • Comments and Polls: Encourage team interaction by allowing members to leave comments, create polls, and react to the training videos.
  • Video Analytics: Monitor engagement by checking who has watched the videos and who hasn’t through the video analytics tab.

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