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Stop context switching with the Claap x Slack! Play videos in Slack. Reply to Claap notifications from Slack. Connect channels and topics.

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Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need. By bringing people together to work as one unified team, Slack transforms the way organizations communicate.


Stop context switching with our integration with Slack! With the Slack integration you can:

  • Directly play video in Slack: copy the link and let your teammates watch the recording in Slack
  • Get notified and reply to comments in Claap directly from Slack
  • Connect Claap topics with Slack channels to automatically post video updates in Slack

How to use

Play videos in Slack

Anytime you post a Claap link in Slack, the video will be automatically embed and people can watch directly from Slack.

Reply to comments in Slack

The Claap integration for Slack lets you reply to comments in claap videos without opening them in Claap. When you reply to a comment in Slack, your reply is added to the thread in the claap video.

  1. From the Claap app channel, click Reply thread under the comment notification
  2. Enter your message & send it

Sync a Claap topic with a Slack channel

The Claap integration for Slack lets you connect a Claap Topic with one or many Slack public channels. When you share a claap in a topic, it is instantly shared in the synced Slack public channels.


Go to the Workspace settings and click on Integrations. From there, select Slack, click on Connect and then Allow in the new window.

Learn more

More information about the Slack integration is available in our help center.

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