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Webcam recording


Record your screen, webcam, and audio for up to 10min per video. Our screen recorder is user-friendly and fast (it only takes 5 seconds to start recording).

Playback rate


Help your colleagues save time. They'll watch your recording in 1.5x, 2x, or even 3x if they want to while reading the transcript.

Screen recording collaboration


Let your teammates leave contextual feedback through video annotations, threads, polls and video replies.

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How long can I record my screen

You can record up to 10 min per video. If you’re trying Claap for the 1st time, you will get access to unlimited video recording during our 2-week free trial.

How many videos can I record?

You can record as many videos as you want. With the free plan, you’ll be limited to 10 videos stored in your workspace but you can delete old videos.

can i edit the video?

Our goal is to create the most user-friendly tool available. We currently do not offer a video editing feature but are working hard on it.

Who will see my screen record?

It’s up to you. You can set up the permissions directly after recording your video. This option is available during the free trial or in our paid plans.

can i record google meets?

Yes, you can use our Screen Recorder to recorder Google Meet meetings. Discover more info our meeting recorder here.

can i get an audio transcript of my video?

Yes, Claap comes with audio transcription. Video transcription is accessible for free in 100+ languages.

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