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Record a Customized Video Online for Free

Max Gayler
October 16, 2023
Remote Works

You’ve probably heard the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." But what about videos? In the world of online communication, a customized video can be worth a million, if not more. Here's why.

What are Customized Videos?

In a digital age where everything feels somewhat automated, customized videos break the mold by adding that personal touch to your content. Imagine receiving a video crafted especially for you instead of a generic message. 

Cool, right? That's what a customized video does: they’re tailored for a specific audience or individual to resonate on a personal level. And it's not just about splicing a person's name into the video. It's about creating content that speaks directly to their needs, interests, and challenges.

Benefits of a Customized Video

In the vast realm of digital content, where text, images, and gifs dominate, why should businesses and individuals pivot to using customized videos? The answer lies in the multidimensional benefits these personalized snippets bring to the table.

Clearer communication

Picture this - a dense, 1000-word email versus a crisp, two-minute video that captures the essence of the message. Which would you prefer? 

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. This innate inclination towards visual comprehension ensures that your message, when delivered via a customized video, is not just consumed but understood. 

In an age where attention spans are dwindling, and information overload is a real concern, the ability to convey complex information swiftly and lucidly can be a game-changer. 

A Forbes study even revealed that about 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text. If the big guns are leaning towards visuals, it's evident where the trend is heading.

Personalized outreach

Gone are the days when a generic “Dear Customer” sufficed. In today’s era, personalization is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. According to Accenture, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations.

A personalized video acts as a bridge, connecting brands to consumers on an intimate level. It's not just about saying their name; it's about resonating with their preferences, acknowledging their challenges, and addressing their unique needs. 

This tailored approach leads to stronger relationships, fostering loyalty and trust. The aforementioned stat about 74% of marketers highlighting the significance of targeted personalization only reaffirms its potency.

Higher engagement

Every marketer's dream is to witness soaring engagement rates. And while there's no magic wand, a customized video comes pretty close. A study by HubSpot noted that 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service through a video. 

But why stop at generic videos? When you tailor-make your content to cater to individual preferences, it’s bound to strike a chord. Insivia's findings emphasize this, showing that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, as opposed to just 10% in text. 

Imagine the impact of a well-crafted, personalized video - it’s not just watched; it’s absorbed. And the icing on the cake? Personalizing your video content can lead to a staggering 20% increase in sales.

Improved ROI

For businesses, in particular, the Return On Investment (ROI) holds paramount importance. Investing resources in creating a customized video might seem like a hefty task, but the returns are substantial. 

According to a report by Optinmonster, video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness and are able to generate leads at a 66% lower cost compared to traditional methods. When this video is tailored to the recipient, the efficacy is multiplied.

Boosted Credibility and Trust

A generic video can often come across as distant or aloof. In contrast, a customized video feels like a warm handshake, an earnest conversation. It humanizes brands, making them more approachable and relatable. 

This not only boosts credibility but fosters trust, a cornerstone for long-term relationships and brand loyalty.

Types of Customized Video

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, the variety and versatility of a customized video have truly marked their territory. Let's delve deeper into the various types and understand how they cater to different needs and scenarios.

Sales outreach video

Remember those moments when your email box is flooded with generic sales pitches that you almost automatically send to the trash? Enter customized sales outreach videos.

These are no regular sales pitches. They're smart, direct, and tailored, targeting a prospect's specific needs or challenges. Rather than reading about why a product might be beneficial, potential clients can see it in action, tailored to their industry or problem. This visual representation not only garners attention but also fosters trust, ensuring the message hits home.

Using tools like Claap, you can send async videos that act like a sales deck, except it’s available for your prospect to watch any time they like. No more hunting down a spot in your calendars months apart. Keep your hot leads warm with Claap.

Employee onboarding video

The first day at a new job can be a whirlwind of information, names, and faces. What if there was a personalized video waiting in the new employee's inbox, welcoming them by name, outlining the company culture, values, and what's expected in their role? 

An employee onboarding video ensures a smooth transition, reducing the initial overwhelm, and making the new team member feel valued right from day one.

Check out how Claap’s Notion integration can take the confusion out of your onboarding and the stress out of building it in the video below. 

Team update video

Gone are the days when team updates meant long, tedious emails or documents. In today's fast-paced world, a customized team update video can convey the same information more engagingly, ensuring it's both seen and retained. 

Especially with remote work on the rise, these videos can bridge the gap, fostering a sense of unity and keeping everyone on the same page.

One to one video

There's nothing that says 'you matter' more than a personalized one-to-one video. Whether it's a CEO addressing a shareholder, a manager giving feedback to an employee, or a brand reaching out to a loyal customer, these videos bring a sense of intimacy and directness, ensuring the message is not only heard but felt.

These can also be used to replace your one to ones with managers in case your schedules don’t sync up. If you’re looking for a way to get started with async meetings you can check out our in depth guide here.

Product demo video

Showcasing a product's features is one thing, but illustrating how it caters to a specific client's needs is on a different level altogether. A customized product demo video does just that. 

By addressing specific challenges or requirements the client might have and demonstrating how the product serves as a solution, it amplifies the product's value proposition.

How to Make a Customized Video

Crafting a compelling, customized video isn't rocket science, but it does involve a touch of creativity and a sprinkle of technical know-how. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your video not only stands out but truly resonates with its intended audience.

Set up your recording equipment

Before you dive headfirst into the world of video creation, gear up. Start with the basics. Get a webcam if your computer doesn’t have one (even the latest smartphones can do the trick), a tripod for stabilization, and a microphone for clear audio. We’ve even put together a list of our most recommended audio recorders to get you started in high quality video.

Ensure your shooting space has ample light. If you're on a budget, natural lighting can work wonders. Just make sure your face is facing a light source.

Now all that’s left is to download a recording software. Claap allows you to record async video as well as all your meetings, so you can adapt to the way everyone works. Just download the Chrome extension or desktop app to get started.

Start recording

Once you're all set, it's action time. Whether it’s a product demo or a team update, ensure your content is well-researched and your script is tight. While spontaneity has its charm, a script ensures you stay on track, making your video concise and to the point. 

Remember, this is a customized video, so tailor your content. Address your audience by segment or even by name if possible. Make it as personal and relevant as you can.

Just click on the Claap icon in the extensions bar if you have the Chrome extension, or the Claap icon in your top menu bar if you’re using the desktop app. Give your meeting a name, select a topic to save it in, and then hit record.

Share your customized video

Once your masterpiece is ready, it's time for the world (or at least your target audience) to see it. Depending on your objective, choose a platform. If it’s a sales outreach, maybe an email would be best. For product demos, consider platforms like YouTube or Notion. 

Always ensure your video is easily accessible, preferably with a single click. Using Claap, you can customize your privacy settings, share the link directly in Slack, Notion or Linear, and even invite people using their email address.

Collaborate inside your interactive video

This is where tools like Claap, the intelligent video wiki, come into play. Instead of just sending out a video into the void and hoping for the best, tools like Claap allow for dynamic interactions. 

With features such as async videos, powerful meeting recordings supported by transcripts, and AI summaries, collaboration becomes a breeze. Viewers can annotate the video at any moment, leave comments, or even jump to specific sections, making the video-watching experience more immersive and engaging.

How to Pick the Right Tool for a Customized Video

  • Does it fit your needs? Whether you're a solopreneur or a corporate bigwig, your tool should cater to your unique demands. 
  • Is it trackable? Data is king. Ensure your tool offers analytics so you can track performance, engagement, and ROI of your personalized videos.
  • Is it easy to use? No one has time to scale a steep learning curve. A user-friendly interface is key, and from our experience, Claap ticks this box beautifully.

So, ready to dive into the world of customized videos? Remember, it's not just about creating content, it's about forging connections. And with the right tools (hint: Claap), you can do just that!

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