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Stop spending 20 minutes crafting the perfect video. Record video or meeting and make it ready to share in seconds with automated titles, subtitles, chapters, tags and thumbnails.

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how to use claap's ai copilot

AI-Powered templates tutorial

From user research and meeting minutes to training videos, instantly generate AI-powered summaries using the ideal template for your needs.

One Secure Workspace FOR Your Video Transcripts

Claap offers a secure video workspace where you can centralize all your videos and transcripts for you and your organization. Manage access rights effortlessly, even at scale, and organize content by teams and topics. We uphold the highest standards of data safety, in compliance with EU and US privacy regulations.

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meeting Recorder, screen recorder
powered by AI copilot included for the same price.

Consolidate tools. Cust costs. Replace Loom, Vidyard, Otter.ai, Fireflies and more with Claap's all-in-one video workspace.

meeting recording


Replaces Otter.ai, Fireflies, and more with Claap's meeting recording software.

screen recording


Replaces Loom, Vidyard, and more with Claap's screen recorder.

video wiki


Centralize all video knowledge in one place and connect it to Notion, Slack, and more.


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What are the system requirements for using Claap’s AI Copilot?

To record your screen, you can use:

To record meetings you can use:

  • Claap for Google Meet Chrome Extension
  • Claap's Zoom integration
  • Claap's Desktop App

You can also upload any video with the following media specifications:

  • Size: max 1Gb
  • Containers: MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, WebM
  • 1 audio track + 1 video track

How is Claap’s AI Copilot priced?

Claap's AI Copilot is a paid feature that comes with the "Power Recorder licence" ($24/month on a yearly basis). Power Recorder licence includes both meeting recording and screen recording features together with AI-powered features: AI Copilot, AI Summary Templates, AI-powered Editing.

Can I invite people that are not in my organization?

Yes, you can share your video with your customers and partners. You also have the ability to embed the video on your website as well. Make sure that the access rights for this video are properly set up.

How do I control access rights to my videos and transcripts on Claap?

You can control Claap’s video permissions at the workspace level, channel level or video level. You have different access rights: no access, can view, can comment, can edit.

Can I integrate Claap with other tools, like Notion?

Yes, you can directly push videos together with transcripts in Notion, Linear, and other collaborative tools. You just need to click on the integration button next to share. Alternatively, you can copy-paste the transcript in one click and share it.

Do you use the transcript to train AI-generative models?

No, we don’t use the transcript to train AI-generative models. Our data hosting is fully compliant with all EU and US regulations, and the feature is constantly updated with the latest security add-ons like PII redaction to guarantee full legal compliance.

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