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GTM Alignment

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Pierre Touzeau
Customer Success
Product Management
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Coordinating & aligning on a new Go-to-market launch is one of the most complex projects. Different teams need to work together to craft the perfect GTM strategy. And each team has their own requirements:

Product Marketing Managers need time to prepare a good GTM Plan. So they need to be involved early in the process.

Product Managers want to co-create the message with the marketing team. They also need to ensure their product is well-understood by the sales team.

Revenue Teams need visibility on the details of upcoming releases. A must to sell and explain new launches to prospects and customers.

In a traditional set-up, the entire process requires several meetings, with many attendees. And catch-ups and follow-ups. With so many stakeholders, we know not everyone will attend and many will want a 1:1 chat to dig into specifics.

Asynchronous meetings solve for this. This guide explains how.

When to use the Product Launch Playbook

This playbook helps you increase visibility, collaboration, and alignment across teams when launching a new product/feature. Leverage this playbook when you need to present and get feedback on your GTM efforts:

Product Managers: use Claap to give visibility on your roadmap and upcoming features.

Product Marketing Managers: present your GTM plan to align all stakeholders. Give visibility on what’s coming next, identify potential blockers and make sure nothing falls through the cracks

Sales: Communicate your pricing strategy and get feedback from other teams. Align with Customer Success on exceptions for existing customers and impact on renewals.

Ship new products to the market faster than you can say “sending back-to-back meetings back-to-where-they-came-from”.

How to get started

Record your proposal

Record your screen and go through your latest proposal. You can record any web application that works with Chrome, so share your plans directly from the app you use (Asana, Jira, Notion). Anyone will be able to access your work without having to have a licence on those softwares.

Give context in the introduction, before jumping into the proposal. For each step, zoom on the design so your teammates can check details.

Align everyone on your action plan

Highlight when you expect feedback from stakeholders with written comments and mentions. The video will automatically pause on it to force people to answer.

If you need to easily collect feedback from a large audience, or capture preferences at a glance, you can add polls in comments. Your teammates will just have to vote on their preferred option.

Leverage Slack to share your claap

Use our Slack integration to automatically post new videos into the right Slack channel. Keep track of their status using labels.

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